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Pelosi would require members of the home committee to put on masks – together with Republicans


Nancy Pelosi will require members of the House of Representatives who attend committee meetings to wear masks. Your decision follows new instructions from the attending physician of the Congress.

The move would make it mandatory for Congressmen to wear a mask in committee. Some Republicans have even refused to wear masks and built up a political spit.

Pelosi asked the chairmen of the House committees to "enforce decency rules and exclude members who do not abide by them."

This would be an implementation of the advice of the treating physician Brian Monahan. He said members should wear masks "for more than 15 minutes in a confined space, such as a committee hearing room".

A senior democratic adviser said on Tuesday how the new rule would come into force.

"This requirement is enforced by the Sergeant at Arms and non-compliant members are denied entry," said the adjutant.

They said, "Members always have the ability to virtually participate in committee procedures, even from their offices in Washington, DC or their districts."

Committee chairs already have the authority to enforce decency rules in accordance with the existing rules "The chairman can punish violations of order and decency".

A minority of Republicans could try to resist this new demand.

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