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Trump comes unglued on Fox and claims that Biden is not going to actually lead the federal government


Trump said during an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity that when Joe Biden becomes president, he won't really lead the government.

Trump said: "The Democrats are only complaining. They complain, but they haven't done anything. They don't do anything, they want to defuse. You want to abolish. You want to do away with police stations, and that will be the case, and you know that with Biden you would do away with the police if you see if he ever got in. You could just watch because he won't do anything. The people around him will do it. "


Trump has a crazy conspiracy theory that Joe Biden will not really lead the government if he wins during his nightly pillow talk with Sean Hannity.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah), June 18, 2020

The guy who plays golf most of the time as President, sees and tweets Fox News claims that if Joe Biden wins, he really won't run the government. Trump, who has problems drinking water and going down ramps, claims that Joe Biden won't really be responsible for the government.

Trump offers crazy conspiracies because he is so deep in deception that he has no idea that the rest of us can see him, and we know that he does not understand the government and that he is a poorly functioning person.

Trump uses the same game book he used for Hillary Clinton, but this time it doesn't work because everyone in America can see Donald Trump's mistakes.

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