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Trump "couldn't give a Sh * t" about Chinese language focus camps, officers say


Former and current government officials have said Donald Trump simply doesn't care about concentration camps in China. A new report on the President's stance is in the midst of John Bolton's allegations.

In his upcoming book, the former national security adviser claims that Trump has encouraged Chinese President Xi Jinping to jail Muslim Uihgurs for "re-education."

Now, former and current government officials have confirmed Trump's indifference to China's systematic human rights violations.

"He couldn't take care of it," a former official told The Daily Beast. This anonymous source was reportedly in the room when the President discussed the Uighurs.

The official said that "there has never been any evidence that the president is taking care or even trying to fake it."

Other officials said they were not sure whether Trump had been listening to camp briefings and claimed that he sometimes faked interest in the issue.

Trump reportedly said at least once, "How is this our problem?" when the topic came up.

"From my discussions with the national security team, it was clear to most that the president couldn't care less," said a former GOP security officer.

The White House is still trying to prevent Bolton's book from being published later this month.

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