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Virginia white man who was charged after concentrating on AR-15 to black bikers in a viral video


A driver in the video can say, "None of us have guns or anything that threatens their lives … but you're pointing a gun at us that is likely to be loaded."

A driver tells the video and says: “I parked my bike here to take a quick break. I have a white man pointing a gun at four black people. Look at that. We are only here. "Berry doesn't mention the race in the video.

The Sheriff's Office said it received 911 calls from Berry and at least one of the drivers for the incident. Berry has since been released for an unsecured $ 5,000 bond. His gun was seized as evidence in the case.

Branding is a Class 1 crime, according to the local Free Lance-Star outlet, and reports say a maximum sentence of $ 2,500 and a year in Virginia is imposed.

According to a press release published on Facebook, there was a sign that marked the neighborhood as private property. The drivers said they hadn't seen it. However, Berry was charged because the bikers were not actually in his private property. All drivers were also unarmed.

Here is a video of the local coverage, including the clip.

The drivers made a statement to WUSA9, which partially emphasizes: “We want everyone to know that we will not tolerate violence, protests or aggression against the gentleman in the video or his family. We released this video so people can see our story. “The statement also thanks the sheriff's office.

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