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A homicide in Seattle's "Principally Peaceable" CHAZ / CHOP Rebel Sector


The news of a murder within the CHAZ / CHOP insurgency sector in Seattle comes out proverbially quickly and furiously. Several media outlets, including KING 5 News, report shots fired this morning at Cal Anderson Park near 10th Ave. and E. Pine St., approximately one block northwest of the captured / surrendered Seattle Police Department (SPD) East, were fired.

Since it is an evolving story, I will only outline the essence of what I have heard and read so far. We can sort the details as soon as they appear. A suspect has been reported to have shot two people so far, one dead and the other critical.

When the police arrived, the CHOP mob did not allow the officers to investigate. Chopistan's “security” has reportedly transported the deceased and injured to Harborview Medical Center. Once there, the armed "security" of the CHOP insurgents allegedly took over the emergency room.

This means that the police were unable to set up a crime scene, homicide officers were unable to investigate and question witnesses, and investigators at the scene were unable to collect evidence. Although this falls under the heading of gallows humor, when he first pointed out to me this morning my son wrote: “2 people were shot in CHAZ last night, 1 dead. I heard it was mostly peaceful shooting. "

Isn't that funny, of course not. It's ridiculous, but sometimes grim humor is a way for healthy people to deal with insanity. That is absurd. Last night I talked about the CHAZ on a police Facebook page and made the mistake of asking, "What could possibly happen next?" Well, I get that. If someone thinks this is the last resort, you will be deceived.

And if that doesn't make the feeble-minded governor Jay Inslee act, what will it do? Probably nothing. I don't expect anything from Seattle's shameful mayor Jenny Durkan – except more blood on the hands of the city. And unfortunately, a police chief, whom I previously respected and admired, chose one side and she made a poor decision.

President Donald Trump, Seattle needs your help. This shouldn't have happened in America, and it can't go on in any American city. Every policeman in the United States saw this coming, and the leaders of Washington and Seattle failed us. And I'm telling you now, every policeman in America knows that more is coming. Let these extraordinary men and women of the SPD stop before it's too late. Stand by … This is not over yet.

This piece was written on June 20, 2020 by Steve Pomper. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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