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The brand new DNC advert "Descent" comprises all of the methods Trump "introduced America with him".


"He ignored the science of coronavirus and misled the American people," the ad continues, then shows a snippet of Trump that says he "miraculously would go away," but "did not 100,000 dead Americans, 20 million jobs destroyed recession. "And then again a video excerpt from Trump with the words" No, I take no responsibility at all. " Then it hits national security and how it "tore apart our alliances and directed our military against American citizens," shows a video of the attack on Lafayette Square protesters and Trump's Bible photo op. "They have the power to descend our nation quit choosing justice, unity and leadership, "closes the ad. "Because we can't afford Trump for another four years."

This is part of a five-week, six-digit ad purchase that DNC ​​will be running. She focuses on meeting Trump, "for four years of mistakes driven by his own ego and self-interest and defined by his incompetence as a leader," the DNC said. Other ads will focus specifically on Trump's trade dispute with China and his failed leadership at the start of the coronavirus crisis.

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