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Pelosi bangs Trump as inappropriate after admitting that he delayed the virus take a look at


House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticized Trump for being ethically incapable and intellectually unprepared after delaying the coronavirus tests.

Pelosi said in a statement to PoliticusUSA:

Testing, tracking, treating, and social distancing are the only tools we can use to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but President Trump orders his government to slow down the tests that save lives.

The President's efforts to slow down much-needed tests to hide the true scale of the virus mean more Americans will lose their lives.

This Tuesday, members of the Trump Administration's Corona Virus Task Force will testify before the Energy & Commerce Committee. Answers are owed to the American people as to why President Trump wants fewer tests when experts say much more is needed.

The president is ethically incapable and intellectually unprepared to lead. Senator McConnell must stop hindering the Heroes Act and the life-saving test resources it contains.
The White House claims Trump was joking about slowing the tests down, but the Trump administration had taken over the provision of coronavirus tests and restricted the funds made available to the states. Trump's plan has always been to limit the tests so that he can argue that the corona virus has disappeared.

Trump's Tulsa backfire in several ways, but his admission that he slowed down the coronavirus tests will haunt him until election day and beyond.

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