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The mayor's Fb chatter about "privileges" beats demonstrators, individuals who obtain state help


The article reads: "Privilege wears $ 200 sneakers if you've never had a job" and "$ 300 worth of headphones if you live on public support." The Post went on to say that the privilege is "regardless of your employment status, having as many children as you want and being able to send them to a daycare center or school that you don't pay for". The post also suggests that the privilege is to "have a smartphone with a data plan for which you don't get a bill."

The post continues to appear to refer to people sending children to school or daycare, "for whom they don't pay" for programs and "breakfast". All of this is paid, according to the post, "by the people you have to deal with" INCREASING TAXES AND COSTS! … you know, we, the so-called "PRIVILEGIERT", pay while you TAKE TAKE TAKE! "

The use of "us" indicates that this use of "privileges" is in response to discussions about "white privileges", although this is not expressly stated. Nevertheless, the entire post is full of micro-aggressions and racially charged references.

The Bloomingdale City Council made a statement on this subject to WJCL-TV, including: "The Bloomingdale City Council would like to determine together that the measures taken by Mayor Rozier are his act and his act alone. We do not tolerate or endorse any one or collective post of the mayor. "

The residents are understandably outraged. "His time is up here," Destin Winter told the local WYFF 4 outlet. "We no longer have a place for people with their ideals, and we don't need anyone like him to run our government."

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