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Tom Petty's household criticizes Trump's use of music with out permission for a "marketing campaign of hatred"


The Trump campaign, like other conservative campaigns before his, has tried to gather the masses in the face of the dire economic outlook and the public health crisis. All of these things have been mistreated by a government plagued by scandal after scandal. So Trump and his crew try their best to do what they do best: create a circus dog and pony show that is made up of anger, hatred, fear, racism, and xenophobia. To make the crowd feel good and keep them optimistic as fraudsters try to sell them oversized MAGA hats and get rid of their crowded memorabilia "lock her up", the Trump campaign continues to use Rock & # 39; Roll -Music.

The problem, of course, is that every single artist can't stand what Trump or the idiots who take part in his rallies stand for. During Trump's Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally disaster, the Orange campaign decided to use Tom Petty's "I won't back away" to get Trump on stage. It makes sense because our country's right-wing rulers spend most of their propaganda energy pretending to be oppressed. The people who put children in cages, separate families, tolerate violence and murder of American citizens based on race and class, and represent the least number of Americans, like to pretend to be outsiders.

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