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UN chief would welcome Russia's function in resuming dialogue between two Koreas



09:16 GMT 13.09.2017 (updated 20:00 GMT 18.09.2017) Get a short URL

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in an interview that he was "very concerned" about the escalation in the Korean Peninsula and would welcome Moscow's role in bringing Pyongyang and Seoul to the negotiating table.

UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he would welcome Russia's role in resuming North Korea-South Korea dialogue.

"Anything that can be done to resume a meaningful dialogue between the two Koreas is welcome. And if Russia has the opportunity to play a role in this, I believe that this opportunity must be encouraged," Guterres said in an interview with the RIA Novosti.

The UN chief also said he was "very concerned" about the North Korean crisis and called for efforts to create the conditions for a political solution to the problem.

"There is hope and I think it is absolutely necessary to avoid things getting out of control." "We have to understand that a military solution would be a disaster, and we have to do everything we can to create the conditions for a diplomatic initiative and a political solution," he said.

Guterres said he intends to include his predecessor in the post of UN chief Ban Ki-moon in settling the North Korean situation.

"I intend to contact Ban Ki-moon. I have been in contact with several. Our team has contacted several members of his previous team. And I am really counting on his advice and knowledge to help me in this situation . " "Said Guterres.

Later in the day, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the UN chief's proposals for the North Korean settlement.

"It is necessary to find out the details, to discuss the details. So far it is impossible to ask the question," Peskov replied when asked whether Moscow supports the initiative of the UN Secretary General on the possibility of involving Ban Ki. Moon settling the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Guterres' statements come a few days after the UN Security Council unanimously passed new sanctions against Pyongyang in response to North Korea's strongest nuclear test on September 3. The UN resolution prohibits Pyongyang from exporting textiles, while limiting the amount of crude oil and refined petroleum products that can be imported. Natural gas condensates and liquids are also among the items that North Korea prohibits importing beyond the UN guidelines.

Before Russian President Vladimir Putin voted for the UN resolution on North Korea, he held talks with his South Korean counterpart on the sidelines of the East Economic Forum. In addition, according to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow has "removed all unacceptable points from the text of the United Nations Security Council resolution."

Russia has repeatedly called for talks between Pyongyang and Seoul to be resumed and has also proposed a joint plan with China to resolve the situation on the Korean peninsula. North Korea is asked to stop carrying out nuclear tests, and the US and South Korea are asked to refrain from articulated drilling.

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