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Who agrees that the Supreme Courtroom has turn out to be too political? Maybe it’s time to revisit lifetime appointments


As I understand it, the only job of the Supreme Courts was to determine whether the laws and regulations passed by Congress or the Executive Decree passed by the President were constitutional and everything else was done by the state courts.

Well, they have never done that in my life and became a stamp on FDR, not because they thought what he was doing was constitutional, but because he was threatening to stack the court if they didn't.

So much for the honor and separation of the courtyard.

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The appointment of the Supreme Court should be limited to a term of seven years plus a possible reappointment at the behest of the President and subject to Congress approval.

Their terms of office should overlap with the presidential elections and differentiate the terms of office of each judge from the others so that a new president cannot clear the court immediately. If a judge dies in office, the new representative will fill that term with two possible reappointments that are available to him. The court should be reduced to six associated judges and the chief judge.

The lifelong appointment was created to remove politics from the judiciary, which doesn't work.


Anyone concerned about the Supreme Court's takeover should be reminded of Thomas Jefferson's poignant warning he wrote to a friend in 1821.

"However, it was my opinion for a long time and I never shrank from his expression. . . The germ of the dissolution of our federal government lies in the constitution of the federal judiciary: an irresponsible body that works like gravity during the day and night, wins a little today and tomorrow and its noiseless step like a thief over the area of ​​responsibility until everyone usurped by the states and the government of all is consolidated into one, ”Jefferson wrote.

"I am opposed to that; because if all domestic and foreign governments, both small and large, are drawn to Washington as the center of everything, this makes one government's controls against another powerless and becomes as venal and oppressive as the government from what we separate have, ”said Jefferson.


Justice Roberts turned the law into a pretzel to adopt ObamaCare because, according to what I've read, he believes it was his duty to make Congress passed laws work as they do are the will of the people. The Republicans believe they can let ObamaCare pass, and SCOTUS would stop it.

Obviously that didn't work. Now you have reinterpreted Roberts, who passed laws in 1964, to understand the meaning of words, i.e. H. Gender, to change to adapt to a new modern definition.

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This could be used to the benefit of the conservative in relation to the second amendment, since the amendment states that the right to keep and carry weapons is not violated. Well, weapons today include more than the rifles and so on that were used in the 18th century. Therefore, law-abiding citizens should be allowed to carry the same weapons as any modern soldier.

The point, however, is; The Republicans cannot adopt and think of the strategy of kicking the ball to SCOTUS because they appoint so-called conservative judges to get the right result. You have to develop a new strategy.


The US needs a new constitutional amendment to overwrite or overturn insane, unconstitutional Supreme Court judgments. Either by a majority of the Senate or by a majority of the state legislators. The Supreme Court should not be allowed to rewrite the constitution with every new decision. People write the constitution and only people have the right to change it, not the Supreme Court.

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President Trump has already done a lot to stem the power of the deep state, including his steps towards deregulation and federalism. Now that he's been re-elected, he has to try to curb the power of an irresponsible and highly political Supreme Court.


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