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Trump needs to problem Biden for a cognitive check, as Dems quietly admit that Joe has no psychological acuity.


President Donald Trump wants to challenge Joe Biden to take a cognitive test, while top Democrats tacitly admit that her husband lacks "mental acuity".

Trump believes his opponent will not pass a cognitive test

In a Washington Post article, White House insiders revealed that President Trump questioned former Vice President Biden's mental health during a cabinet meeting in early June. Trump discussed the cognitive screening test that he completed as part of his physical exam in 2018, and noted that Biden would likely never pass such a test.

The president also suggested asking Biden to do the test.

This is not the first time that President Trump has questioned Biden's mental acuity. The president has often referred to his opponent for 2020 as "Sleepy Joe" and said in an interview with a Boston radio station last year that Biden was "not as smart as Bernie [Sanders] and he was not as quick".

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Sleepy Joe unraveled and the Democrats knew it!

At the same time, there were reports that top Democrats also question Joe Biden's cognitive skills.

"Many Democrats will tell you at least privately that he doesn't have the mental acuity that he had a few years ago, and this is a candidate that just can't stand the kind of press conferences that are going on now. The President has that far they take an hour and a half to answer questions with multiple outlets without basic rules, ”Joe Concha, media reporter at The Hill, told Fox and Friends.

77 days have passed since Joe Biden's last press conference.

"It is much easier … for example to conduct a handpicked interview where you have basic rules for interviewing certain positions that may be friendly to your candidate than a press conference for which Mr. Biden did not work 80 days," continued Concha away.

I just can't wait for the debates!

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