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Trump Refuses To Put on A Masks Whereas Greeting Korean Struggle Vets


Donald Trump greeted veterans of the Korean War at the Korean War Memorial and did not wear a mask in front of elderly veterans.

Here is Trump getting Korean War vets staying a distance away, but not wearing a mask:

The president and first lady greeted elderly Korean War vets at the outdoor ceremony. FWIW: None appeared to be wearing a mask, though the president did keep about 6 feet distance from them. (Those in contact with Potus are tested for covid-19, at least at WH complex).

— David Nakamura (@DavidNakamura) June 25, 2020

It isn’t like Trump has a history of knowing anything about the Korean War.

Here is Trump in 2018 claiming the parents of Korean War vets ask him about returning the remains of their loved ones. (The average age of the parent of a Korean War vet would be over 100 years old):

Trump repeats the claim that he had “so many parents” of Korean War vets ask him during the campaign to help return the remains of Americans who died there. The average age of parents then would have been between 102 and 111. (via FOX)

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 15, 2018

There is literally no circumstance where Trump will wear a mask in public, and as we have seen from his Tulsa rally that infected the Secret Service and his staffers, the Korean War vets who met Trump should have also been wearing masks because there are people working there who are likely infected with the virus.

Trump is refusing to follow New Jersey’s quarantine guidelines and he is putting some of our nation’s oldest veterans at risk.

The President is actively spreading the threat and making the pandemic worse with his behavior.

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