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Trump is reportedly open to the second spherical of stimulus checks to extend his possibilities of re-election


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They want people back to work no matter how dangerous it may be for almost anyone who ever has to leave their home in this pandemic. "Many of the stimulus checks that were just carried out saved money and deposited them into their savings accounts," said South Dakota Republican Senator Mike Rounds. Is not that cute? He believes that many people have savings accounts. You wonder if he ever spoke to a normal person. "For me," he says, "let's get people back to work. I think that's a better way." Spoken like someone who never has to face the public.

Senator Mitt Romney reminds us of his earlier greatest success, this old video, when he claimed that President Obama had a built-in advantage because "47 percent are with him who are dependent on the government who believe they are victims of that I think the government has a responsibility to care for them who believe they are entitled to health care, food, housing and you. "Ah, the good old days. Romney doesn't want people to get help. He wants their superiors to get it in the form of more money for the paycheck protection program that goes into lending to companies that may or may not be able to employ people. (Disclosure: Kos Media received a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program.)

Some Republicans are not entirely against the idea as long as they can figure out how to get people to jump through tires and prove how humiliating they are. North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis said he could support a hacked version of the CARES payments if they "target the people who hurt the most". (How that would be quantified is not clear. How only one meal a day versus two?)

It all depends on how much Trump wants it and whether he can get Senator Mitch McConnell to agree to it. So far, McConnell has rejected most calls for more support for people, including increased unemployment benefits. He still has no urgency to save the nation from the nightmare he created with Trump.

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