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Tucker Carlson: By no means been a "silly group" in American historical past than Black Lives Matter


Tucker Carlson, moderator of Fox News, said that there has probably never been a “more stupid group” in American history than the rioters of Black Lives Matter.

Carlson: "These people are idiots!

In his opening monologue on Wednesday evening, Carlson said that what we are currently seeing in this country is not a protest and has nothing to do with the death of George Floyd or the obvious threat of "systemic racism".

"They are definitely not demonstrators, they are not even rioters! They are the armed militia of the Democratic Party," argued Carlson. "They are working to overthrow our government system and are trying to get to power. It's all obvious now. It’s really scary. "

But while people spoke out against Black Lives Matter, Tucker said that we may have "missed something that is true" and "highly amusing" because "these people are idiots":

The angry kids watching you light Wendys and overthrow statues and yell at TV every day. You are really and absolutely stupid. In all of American history, there has probably never been a more stupid group in one place. You are mouth breathing! They know nothing! They couldn't tell you who George Washington was, they couldn't tell you when the civil war was going on, probably not even into the century! They say they are against racism and then tear down monuments to abolitionists! They don't see the contradiction in this because they have no idea who the abolitionists were! They think it's a band from the 80s!

Of course, many of these stupid people are the ones who are said to be "very well educated" and have the worthless testimonials we should have for our children, "Carlson noted.

"They went to Duke, they work for a nonprofit organization," he continued. "They are supposed to be impressive, but they are not impressive at all. They are incredibly stupid. They fall for every lie, however absurd. The more absurd the lie, the more likely they are to fall for it! And like young children, they are afraid especially. "

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You fall for everything!

Some examples of these absurd lies include a Spanish utility worker who broke his ankle at a traffic light for being accused of making a white Supremacist gang sign, and Libby Schaff, Oakland's mayor, who used exercise equipment with KKK slings confused in a park.

"Talk about textbook hysteria! But it was hysterically funny too, ”added Tucker. “For people who are so neurotic, life is a long horror film. They squirm in their paralyzed seats. Even the simplest and most obvious decisions can no longer be made. "

He concluded with a simple question to the audience.

"Can people who are so damaged and weak be able to rule a country?" The answer, he said, "is of course not, and we definitely cannot allow it."

Tucker Carlson is just right – Black Lives Matter are incredibly stupid and unintelligent and must be kept away from the wheels of power!

Tucker Carlson: "These people are idiots. The angry kids watching you set Wendies on fire and overthrow statues and yell at TV every day. They are really and absolutely stupid. There has probably never been a stupid group in one Gathering place. " of American history. "

– The Columbia Bugle @ (@ColumbiaBugle) June 25, 2020

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