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The Republican consultant of Texas says that he’ll solely put on a masks if he will get corona virus


Texas Republican Representative Louis Gohmert waived the science and recommendations from health professionals when asked why he wasn't wearing a mask on the house floor to prevent coronavirus infection.

"I don't have a corona virus, I haven't had it since yesterday. But when I get it, you will never see me without a mask," he told CNN.

When press representatives reminded Gohmert of the possibility that asymptomatic people could spread the virus, he said: "But I will continue to test and do not have it. So I am not afraid of you, but if I get it, I will wear a mask. "

Gohmert did not answer the question when was the last time he was tested.

Gohmert's comments came when Texas governor Greg Abbott (R) ordered bars to close their doors and imposed new restrictions on other companies as the state began to deal with an increase in coronavirus cases. Texas alone has registered more than 5,000 new cases of the virus today. Since the pandemic reached the United States, at least 2,366 people have died from the virus in Texas.

Hospital stays are also increasing. Hospitals in Houston are reported to be nearby or have reached their capacity. Hospitals are working to take more patients under the new infections.

Nevertheless, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick rejected suggestions for another on-site placement order.

"Back to a ban, that should be something catastrophic, and we won't see that in the future," he told Fox News today.

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