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Republicans are cynically utilizing Ginsburg's phrases from 2016, hoping voters are lacking an necessary element


The difference is as follows: in 2016 Justice Antonin Scalia died in February. There was enough time for a leisurely review process, followed by full confirmation hearings and voting, followed by a few more months before the elections. Now Republicans are trying to get through the verification process faster than they have been since 1981 when Judge Sandra Day O'Connor was unanimously affirmed, and if they succeed it will be just a few days before the elections.

Little difference.

Of course, Ginsburg's last wish was also conveyed through Republican behavior in 2016. She did not ask her to repeat 2016. She just said don't do a complete turnaround and break all precedents in reverse order to the broken precedents in 2016. However, the Republican Party is about breaking precedents to build partisan power.

Republicans plan to spend up to $ 35 million on Trump's nomination.

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