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Trump's refusal to begin new wars is what drives the swamp nuts


The current President of the United States has always vowed to put "America first" and pledged not to send our sons and daughters to distant lands to fight battles that are not ours and make no sense.

Donald Trump is the first modern president not to start new wars. This is something that is driving the Washington DC political establishment crazy.

Former Pentagon boss: "At least" Trump "has not started any new wars"

– The Hill (@thehill) June 14, 2020

Trump's foreign policy is what the swamp hates most

What President Trump has done in word and deed is certainly unprecedented in modern times.

Especially for a Republican – a party usually thought of as the Hawk Party.

After describing a few areas where President Trump has not always lived up to his foreign policy rhetoric, former Ronald Reagan Special Assistant and Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute, Doug Bandow, finds that what Trump has achieved is largely unprecedented .

Bandow wrote to The American Conservative in mid-September: “Yet no other president has similarly criticized America's promiscuous war, denounced US aggression, admitted Washington's abused power to kill, and questioned the Pentagon's endless subsidies to wealthy allies . ”

"Although the blob, the ever-interventionist foreign policy establishment, routinely rejects its observations, its members were forced to deal with such criticism for the first time," Bandow noted.

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President Trump "respects" our troops so much that he:

– tries to pull her back from a senseless war in Afghanistan

– Qassem Soleimani murdered for killing our soldiers

– has not started any new wars

If only George W. Bush had "disregarded" the troops in this way

– Will Chamberlain (@willchamberlain) September 4, 2020

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Trump has reset the foreign policy table

"Which appalled and even angered those who apparently believe they have Heaven's mandate to rule the world," added Bandow.

A fair reviewer might say that even though Trump didn't completely drain the swamp – he sure scared him.

Trump certainly reset America's foreign policy table.

As the President's son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted on Sept. 1, "Joe Biden has 50 years of experience supporting virtually every possible endless war, and he's got foreign policy wrong every step of the way."

"My father did not start any new wars and wants to end the wars that Biden started!" Don Jr. added.

Joe Biden has 50 years of experience supporting virtually every possible endless war, and he's got foreign policy wrong every step of the way.

My dad didn't start any new wars and wants to end the wars that Biden started! Https://

– Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 1, 2020

Trump against the military-industrial complex

The "Blob" Bandow also describes the Deep State. Or as President Trump called it, the swamp.

Anchored and unelected government officials who see it as their job to bypass properly elected leaders like President Trump and ensure that the status quo in Washington remains intact.

Especially in foreign policy.

When President Trump accused the top Pentagon in early September of starting and prolonging wars to keep defense companies happy, it hit a nerve.

Because it was true.

Trump said, "The top people in the Pentagon probably not because all they want to do is wage wars so that all these wonderful companies that make the bombs and planes and make everything else happy. "

Here is a lesser-known part of Eisenhower's farewell speech. He had 16 minutes on television warning Americans of what he thought was most important, and mostly used it to highlight the dangers of Pentagon growth, gun spending, and the threat of Endless War: / qFYuyjm2dD

– Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 7, 2020

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What Trump described was the military-industrial complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned his country about in his farewell speech.

Few American presidents since Ike have been willing to take on these brokers behind the scenes.

Trump has. And he continues to make her nervous.

Bandow remarked, “Even so, the US military is committed to every engagement, alliance, mission, program, weapon, base, subsidy, expense, maneuver, grant, facility, war, guarantee , every deal, every promise and everything decided otherwise, the footprint and role of the armed forces overseas will be expanded. "

TRUMP: "I'm not saying the military is in love with me. The soldiers are. The top people in the Pentagon are probably not because they don't want to do anything but wage wars, all these wonderful companies, the bombs manufacture and manufacture. " the planes and make everything else happy "

– Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) September 7, 2020

The Washington political establishment fears Trump for another four years

"The president's desire to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq sparked collective hysteria in Washington," said Bandow.

"The wailing and gnashing of teeth was just as mad in the Pentagon as it was in Foggy Bottom and think tanks in New York and Washington, DC."

"Not a single blob member seemed to dispute the principle that what ever was must ever be."

President Trump denies this principle. He has been since day one.

His promise to fundamentally change the swamp and recalibrate Washington to serve the interests of Americans rather than the elites met with massive opposition at every turn, with foreign policy being a blatant example.

Let's hope he can move back another four years in November.

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