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Teachers, COVID-19, and the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 by LeftOfYou, A lawyer with decades of experience at ADA providing insight into the complex issue of "reasonable accommodation". In-person tuition puts people with certain health conditions at higher risk during the pandemic, but the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 (ADA) gives them significant legal rights.

La Mesilla by Desert scientist explores the author's favorite city in New Mexico. He writes: "My well over 50 years on the border qualify me as a certified desert rat in my opinion. In contrast to many southwestern desert cities, which often look like they died somewhere around 1950 and are quietly melting into the ground, Mesilla was fascinating Place to visit. ”Details of the city's history and people make this story a fascinating story.

Film Review: Scream (1996) and its predecessors by disinterested viewer is a journey through the nuances of character development in horror movie remakes and sequels. Warning: it is an amazing collection of spoilers that analyzes the interactions of the people who populate movies in this genre. We get clips from various films, including Body Snatchers invasions, I was a teenage werewolf and an American werewolf in London as we travel through what characters do and know about themselves and the world – and how this affects the fate of some characters.

Dawn Chorus: One Court, Two Worlds (Worlds Within 100 Feet Of Each Other) by The lipstick pig is a happy exploration of the two different worlds on opposite sides of the author's mountain house. Photos and words illustrate how the wildlife in the back yard differs from the wildlife on the front, and the author asks "why". Is it the feeders? Is it the plants?

"Doubt" and "A Wilderness of Error" by GrafZeppelin127 explores the 1970 story of Jeffrey MacDonald, a brutal killer, through the ideas presented in the play / film Doubt. Can we ever really know what happened? Or is this story so embedded in our collective conscience that none of us can escape our own preconceived notions?

Zadik by guavaboy is a personal story inspired by a tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsberg that she called Zadik – a Hebrew word for "a righteous person". The author recalls an Israeli song that takes on a new meaning after understanding a zadik as an RBG.

The Mozilla Foundation deals with political ads on streaming platforms by Alonso Del Arte thinks about the dilemma of targeted advertising. If you thought cutting the cable and paying to stream content would protect you from unwanted political advertisements, think again. Your data could be used to target certain advertisements, including misleading political advertisements, on streaming platforms, according to the Mozilla Foundation – with virtually no transparency.

Now let's blow up this right topic of conversation by Bring the lions is an insult that indeed blows up the logic that underpins Senator Mitch McConnell's position that the Senate had the right to reject a vote on President Obama's SCOTUS candidate. The author contemplates how this type of authority can extend to even more ridiculous positions.

The beat goes on by Jack's grandpa looks at the long-term implications of Supreme Court rulings in a historical context like the Dred Scott ruling. Public opinion later changed legal decisions like this, and that may happen again even in a new conservative hardline court.

A Democratic Party's strategic plan for the next half century by vjr7121 notes that the GOP race to replace the RBG comes as no surprise. According to the author, the great task of the future progressives must be to strengthen state institutions. The Senate's withdrawal is critical for several specific reasons.

Using the Dornsife Tracker to Demonstrate How Confidence Intervals Work by Denver11 goes into the details of how the USC Dornsife poll to track the 2020 election creates a more realistic view of public opinion than any single poll in a single day. The author illustrates this by "creating a real, real-time demonstration of how" margin of error "or" confidence interval "works in real life".

Lest we forget, here is a partial list of Republicans who support Biden or who will not vote for Trump … by O C patriot provides a surprisingly long list of GOP defectors. Related information such as their government roles and when they held it gives weight and context to their disapproval of Trump.

Telephone banker's diary by iLuvReading is a personal essay on how phone banking has changed during the pandemic. The author explores his own questions about the effort, including "Why should I call people I have never met knowing they might tell me nasty things?" Why should I contact voters in states I have never visited? And why should I call candidates who may not win? "

Return to the Partisan Divide Cafe by Gray Panther offers oneAn uplifting piece of original prose that initially focuses on the first sip of a good morning coffee and ends with this pearl: "Living in the moment of a good cause and not losing it in anger is a good start to every morning." "

Isabel Wilkerson takes a closer look by Toddler bob In her latest book, gives a personal insight into Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Wilkerson's analysis of how the caste affects our society Caste, the origins of our discontent. He links to other books and media and emphasizes how well Wilkerson has "provided many examples that the thinker can convert into concepts."

Count costs Ruleoflaw, who is soon to have a kidney transplant, said: "I'm one of the lucky ones. I have health insurance through my job and my employers have been very supportive and understood. I'm currently drawing a short-term disability (paid). That's all good news, but before I go under the knife, let me show you the dirty underside of our healthcare system. "He then describes what his treatments cost and why his insurer was quick to approve his transplant.

SCOTUS, Civ 4 and Spy Spam von Risen Tree considers what Congressional Democrats can do to stop the confirmation of a third Trump-appointed Supreme Court. The author adapts what he has learned from a game he calls "espionage spam" and suggests various stalling tactics. For example, the House of Trump can indict "over and over and over" and, in large part, indict others such as AG Bill Barr and the Postmaster General. What is needed in the Senate is the opposite tactic of halting the impeachment transition.

Moody & # 39; s Analytics: A democratic election campaign would be best for the economy by voidstuff discusses a new economic analysis showing that "Democratic presidents outperform Republican presidents in every economic way … the economy keeps doing better among Democrats as Democrats invest, Republicans cut … Obama's worst year was better than Trump's best . "

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