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Watch the Congressman tear aside Republicans' empty well being guarantees


Rep. Slotkin has a very personal story about health insurance: Her mother, who had cancer decades ago, continued to be eroded by insurance companies because of her “pre-existing condition”. This resulted in her mom's premiums becoming prohibitive and no longer having to pay when evaluating what she was actually getting in return. When asked about her campaign to ensure Michigan residents can get affordable health insurance, Slotkin stressed the absolute need for a pre-existing condition clause – a clause Republicans hope the Supreme Court will destroy. Then the moderator passed the question to Junge.

Like most Republican candidates or soon-to-be-crouching presidents, Young's solution to rising health care costs and premiums is to remove "inappropriate burdens and regulations" – you know how it used to be. Back when skyrocketing health care costs and rewards helped President Obama pass the Affordable Care Bill because everyone – even the racists who voted for President Obama – understood this bigotry, we need to take steps to regulate that Insurance industry company.

Here Rep. Slotkin made sure he came back to remind the audience what exactly was being asked and to highlight the answers of both candidates. This is what every person running for office must do over the next few weeks whenever a Conservative disguises a direct question about pre-existing conditions and health care.

REP. ELISSA SLOTKIN: With all due respect, if you do Talk about my mother's case, you shouldn't talk about it without know something about it. My mother's case wasn't her couldn't afford insurance due to inappropriate regulation. It is because of them had a pre-existing cancer that she had 30 years ago and forever and always and always any insurance Company thought they might hollow out she and charge her $ 1,000 a month and $ 10,000 Deductible. Please don't talk about my mom as if you understand what made her health care unaffordable for her. ONEAnd I think it's crazy that every time we ask you for certain details, really let people know that they are going to be protected, their children will be protected, you distract and start attacking me and raise mine Mother? Come on Paul, this is what this is about be a great guy and run for C.ongress. If you want to do it, get it right and tell people how you are I will protect them – not just any disposable item Talking point, but a real plan.

Paul's answer is that he wasn't talking about her mother – he was, and when he technically didn't respond to the direct question about pre-existing conditions, it was because Paul wasn't talking about anything at all. He just said words that he hopes will sound like he's making fun of people's health insurance.

Because Republicans like Young can't offer anything like a solution, they bypass the question of pre-existing terms every time it comes up. Donald Trump is such a liar that he is willing to simply say that there will be "something" for pre-existing conditions because he doesn't care about lying. His base doesn't seem to realize they're still being ripped off by his candidacy. But there are local people who are getting it and hopefully in November we can start making America a democracy again.

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