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We’ve to make the Senate's aggressive situations as giant as doable. That's why we help in Louisiana


Cassidy may not be as notorious as some of his Senate villains, but he should be. Along with none other than Lindsey Graham, Cassidy literally wrote the Obamacare repeal bill that would have stripped protection for people with pre-existing conditions and stripped health insurance from 21 million Americans. Most cynically, Cassidy is a doctor herself and should know better. Fortunately, his efforts failed because they were too extreme even for some of his Republican counterparts, but someone like this will never stop undermining our social safety net.

Enter the man who can stop him: Adrian Perkins, a rising star who entered West Point after September 11 and became the first president of the Black Class Academy. He served on missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and received a bronze star for his leadership role in combat. After serving, he entered Harvard Law School and was elected President of the Student Union. Motivated by his relentless desire to serve, he returned home and ran for Mayor of Shreveport, the state's third largest city, in 2018. He became one of the youngest mayors in the city's history.

Perkins' values ​​are America's values. While Cassidy seeks to destroy the Affordable Care Act, Perkins wants to strengthen it by lowering health care costs for those who overpay and extending coverage to those who cannot afford it. And while Cassidy seeks to destroy democracy, Perkins seeks to protect it by automatically registering all Americans to vote when they are of legal age and ending the destructive practice of partisan wandering once and for all.

Perkins also understands things that most senators will never do. He was raised by a single mother who had multiple jobs and more than once sent her son to hide under the bed when the sound of gunfire rattled her windows. That's why he supports background checks for gun buyers and the closing of dangerous loopholes. Cassidy of course not.

Louisiana is a red state, of course, and we have no illusions about how difficult a race like this one will be. But if Republicans have to work up a sweat on Bill Cassidy's re-election, it means they are diverting resources from other races, making the entire battlefield more competitive.

There's another big reason we're getting involved: if no candidate wins a majority of the votes on November 3rd, the top two voters, regardless of party, will advance to a December 5th runoff. The last thing we want is for Cassidy to escape with no drain. However, if we can force him to do one, just imagine the intensity we can bring for that month-long sprint.

Perkins embodies this intensity. Not only would he be the most progressive Senator in Louisiana history, but he would add a black vote to a Senate that has so much lacked them. This is a battle for the soul of our nation. Let's make sure we do all we can.

Please give $ 3 to help Adrian Perkins dye Louisiana – and the Senate – blue!

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