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Louisville officer who fatally shot and killed Breonna Taylor donations for retirement on Christian property


In short, only one of the three officers involved in the shooting – former Detective Brett Hankison – is facing three cases of wanton harm in a state court. This fee specifically relates to shooting in the apartment next to Taylor's, which was occupied at the time. To be very clear, this accusation isn't really related to the Taylor murder. The Kentucky Grand Jury has no murder charges against Cosgrove, Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, or Hankison. Hankison has already been fired. However, Cameron announced last week that Cosgrove (and Mattingly, too) were defending themselves because Taylor's friend Kenneth Walker (who said he thought the police were intruders when they walked in) fired at them. The officers issued an arrest warrant without knocking.

So far, neither Cosgrove nor Mattingly have been charged with this incident, although both are awaiting internal investigations from the police and the FBI. Louisville has reached an agreement with Taylor's family over the unjustified death of $ 12 million, but the fight for justice continues. For example, Taylor's family has at least asked for homicide fees.

The fundraiser argues that most people don't know what it is like to be a cop, to "risk your life" and "have a gun fired at you". The statement reads: "Even fewer know what it is like after all this when the whole world turns you on with pure vitriol, because you are simply doing your job exactly as you have been taught by your superiors."

As the Louisville Courier reported in August, the police department announced that they were providing security outside the officers' homes.

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