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Texas Governor Abbott restricts the counties to at least one location for the submission of absentee ballots


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has restricted the counties to one place for voters to post their completed postal ballot papers.

Abbott introduces "Advanced Security Protocols"

Abbott issued the proclamation restricting Texas counties to one place for voting on Thursday afternoon.

The proclamation, Abbott says, was due to concerns about voter safety.

It also states that districts must allow any election observer to "observe any activity that is being carried out in the early election officer's office".

"The state of Texas has a duty to the electorate to uphold the integrity of our elections," said a statement released by Abbott.

"These extended security protocols provide more transparency and help stop attempts at illegal voting."

BREAKING: Governor Abbott is issuing the CLOSING proclamation (as of October 2) for satellite offices where voters can submit completed postal ballot papers.
Counties can only have 1 drop point, he says.
Travis has 4, including 3 downtown.
Harris has 12.

– Chuck Lindell (@chucklindell) October 1, 2020

It followed on Monday by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filing a lawsuit in Houston alleging hundreds of non-citizens were registered to vote in Harris County.

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Houston, in Harris County, is the state's most populous city and the fourth largest in the country.

Texas Democrat Chair: Vote "Those Cowards"

Democrats took the step, claiming it was some form of "barely veiled effort" to "suppress votes" during elections.

Gilberto Hinojosa, leader of the Texas Democratic Party, made a smoking statement claiming Republicans were "on the verge of loss".

"Governor Abbott is trying to adjust the rules at the last minute," the statement said.

"Courts across the country, including the Fifth Circle yesterday, ruled it was too late to change the electoral rules, but our failed Republican leadership will try anyway."

The statement went on to argue that "democracy itself is on the ballot" and that Texans must vote "these cowards off".

"Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans are scared," it said.

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"We are creating a movement that will vote them on November 3rd and there is nothing these scammers can do about it."

Travis County's Democratic official Dana DeBeauvoir said she would be looking into a legal challenge to the Order that was "intended to be disruptive" and called it a "deliberate attempt to rig the election."

Voter security A key issue in this election

After the various security breaches, administrative errors and allegations of electoral fraud that have emerged in the media, many think about the safety of voters in these elections.

In New York City, voters received postal ballot papers with the wrong name and address just this week. This could easily result in the ballot becoming invalid if cast with the wrong information.

According to Gothamist, signing the envelope with someone else's name / address will invalidate the ballot. So who knows how many votes could possibly be discarded?

– Nathan McDermott (@natemcdermott) September 29, 2020

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During the last week in Pennsylvania, seven military votes cast for President Trump were rejected by officials in Lucerne County.

"It is the government's ultimate duty to ensure that every properly cast vote is counted," said US attorney David J Freed in a statement on the missing ballot papers.

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