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Trump marketing campaign humiliates itself whereas Trump is in hospital whereas Biden campaigns are in progress


Trump's adviser Jason Miller attempted to claim that Biden is hiding in the basement when the former Vice President camps out while Trump is hospitalized.

Transcript of ABCs This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Wasn't the careless use of masks and social distancing at these rallies a mistake? Will that change in the future?

MILLER: I'll come back to it again and say that it wasn't at all uncaring. We take it very seriously. That's why we give a mask to everyone who comes to rallies or events. We check your temperature.

You know, I'd say he used the mask as a prop too many times in relation to Joe Biden. A mask is very important, but even if he did – he could be 20, 30 feet from the closest person and still be wearing the mask. It won't change what's out there. But we've also seen that with Joe Biden we can't all stay in our basement for the rest of our lives. We have to get out of there and live our lives and embrace this, develop the vaccine, develop more therapeutics and defeat it.

The Americans, George, want to get life back to normal. That's the driving thing in everyone's life right now. You want to get life back to normal. You can't just stay hidden in your basement all the time.


. @ GStephanopoulos expresses Jason Miller: "We all saw the rallies without the masks. The rose garden event without the masks. (Trump) family refused to wear masks during the debate and the president seems quite proud of it … will that change in the future? "

– This week (@ThisWeekABC) October 4th, 2020

The Trump campaign is a national embarrassment. Joe Biden is the only presidential candidate currently able to campaign as he is not in the hospital with the coronavirus. It is believed that Trump received the coronavirus not from the campaign, but from the White House event that announced the Supreme Court nomination for Amy Coney Barrett.

The candidate with health and vigor who will definitely take part in the second presidential debate is Joe Biden. Donald Trump has shown the nation that he is the candidate for bad decisions and bad health.

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