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Spiritual teams will take away references to Amy Coney Barrett from their web site


Barrett has not said whether she is an official member of the group herself, but she has been featured at their events and featured in their publications for many years. Her father is a local People of Praise leader, her mother is a "maid," a woman who leads other women in the group, her husband's mother was listed as a local contact until recently, and her husband's grandparents were members .

Republicans gave Justice Sonia Sotomayor endless grief over her view that the experience and point of view of a "wise Latina" might be a good addition to the bank, but now want any discussion of in large part not just Barrett's personal views, but her also exclude legal views and associations. It matters whether she applies, for example, faith or law to issues of reproductive freedom. And we all know why Republicans don't want to talk about it.

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