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Portland Cop drives his bike into the left rioter who blocks his means – her comrades go wild


In the radically liberal city of Portland, Oregon, some protesters tried to get the best out of a police officer on Friday night, but he didn't go down without a fight.

Cop drives over two vehicles – is surrounded by protesters

Police told the Oregonian that the officer ran over two vehicles, a white van and a blue sedan, which were blocking traffic in the city. Terrible footage shows protesters entering the scene as the white van speeds away and the rioters cheer.

The policeman was quickly outnumbered when he was surrounded by a crowd of radical left rioters. They got closer and closer to him as he stood defiantly by the blue limousine.

"To back up!" the policeman kept shouting as the demonstrators yelled at him.

The blue limousine sped away as well, provoking further applause from the rioters. The officer refused to give up and jumped on his motorcycle to follow the limo.

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Protester tries to block cop

Some of the protesters blocked his way to stop him, but the officer got none of it. He managed to overtake one of the rioters with ease, but then a second protester stood right in front of his motorcycle and literally sat on the front wheel.

Unimpressed, the policeman continued! He kept moving until she finally fell off the bike and allowed him to race off in search of the limo.

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What happened next was downright ridiculous. The protester's comrades completely lost their minds, as if the officer had attacked the riot from nowhere when it was clearly they who had invaded his personal space. They chased the motorcycle on foot, screaming senselessly.

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Check out what happened for you in the second clip below.

A motorcycle policeman drives over two vehicles blocking the road to protect the crowd. Demonstrators swarm him and both vehicles drive off. Two protesters block the motorcycle as it moves off and knock both of them to the ground.

– Sean Bascom (@baaascom) October 3, 2020

Police officer

Police defended the officer, saying the protester jumped in front of his motorcycle. Jim Middaugh, a spokesman for Mayor Ted Wheeler, said he was unsure whether an investigation had been launched into the incident.

"It's worrying when police officers and protesters get into an interaction that leads to conflict and that clearly happened last night," Middaugh said. "It requires a thorough investigation of the police officer's actions and tactics involved in the obstruction."

“At the same time, I think it is important for all protesters to remember that under no circumstances is it a good idea to surround a single officer or try to interfere with an officer who is trying to do his or her duties. " he added.

Portland has become notorious in the last few months as one of the most runaway democratic-run cities in America. From this incident, it appears that the chaos is nowhere near slowing down there.

This piece was written by James Samson on October 5th, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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