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Trump's physician predicts he will probably be regular by way of Saturday after Pelosi makes the 25th change


Trump's doctor now predicts the president will be back to normal by Saturday hours after Pelosi proposed the 25th amendment.

Here is Dr. Sean Conley:

It is no coincidence that Trump's doctor's statement was made public after House Pelosi spokesman said House Democrats would invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump's presidential power. The House Democrats will introduce a bill that will establish a presidential health oversight commission. That would be the first step in invoking the 25th amendment.

Trump is clearly not doing well, and if his doctor isn't a clairvoyant, he can't know that Trump will be back to normal by Saturday.

The other question is what will be normal for Donald Trump after getting the coronavirus and taking experimental drugs?

The only important piece of information that the medical update didn't include is the date of Trump's last negative coronavirus test.

Trump refused to take part in next week's presidential debate as it will be virtual, and he has made a number of decisions that are even more unpredictable than usual.

The American people should be skeptical of medical updates, which are nothing more than political documents designed to keep Trump in power.

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