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"Woke" coverage represents the primary severe problem to our constitutional democracy since communism


By Richard M. Reinsch II for RealClearPolitics

With the widespread and indiscriminate indictment of the American Republic, wokeism represents the first serious challenge to our constitutional democracy since communism.

Wokeism aims to reshape the roots and branches of American constitutionalism, transforming the economy, politics, education, and other institutions and practices.

The constitutional, free and equal individual is being replaced by monolithic voices that are united by perceived oppression and demand a mutating law and a mutating policy that reward their complaints with punishments against alleged oppressors and redistribute resources for alleged "victims".

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The first thesis of wokeism is that people can be reduced to their associated identity: primarily race or gender. From this point of view, we understand each other only through these prisms and apply this understanding to others and institutions.

The second thesis is that no person, idea, or historical account can be understood by independent human reason that is not filtered through race, gender, and stories of interlocking oppression, or, if applicable, the acts of oppression one has shared in as a member the dominant group.

Everything comes to us and is understood or projected by us either through our racial or gender identity.

The third thesis is that those who have identities that can be grouped under "persons of color" or LGBTQ are almost due to the various oppressions they have experienced and the cosmic reparations required for justice and liberation in all cases have greater authority to speak than oppressive groups have any ball.

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America's national DNA has been encoded with slavery and racism against blacks, according to the New York Times' 1619 Project – the quintessential anti-American document of wokeism.

Indeed, America left the British Empire to maintain the slave regime, proclaims lead author of the project, Nikole Hannah-Jones (against historical evidence).

White men are the main actors in this oppression, which has spread throughout American history and which affects our constitutional documents, politics and social structures.

The 1619 project leaves no room or opportunity for salvation, forgiveness, or statecraft from someone like Abraham Lincoln. It fails to recognize that American constitutionalism is a controversial area.

The 1619 Project fails to understand the succession of Witnesses like Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and Martin Luther King Jr., who urge Americans to fully understand the principles of our Constitution and Union.

Note that while American soldiers were still waging the Civil War and much of the Democratic Party argued against the abolition of slavery, the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and later ratified by the required number of states in the December 1865.

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Its central premise is based on the language of equality in the Declaration of Independence, the same principles that forbade slavery in the countries governed by the Northwest Ordinance of 1788. This is also part of our heritage.

Our political institutions and our constitution stand or fall ultimately by their willingness to support us as free people who pursue the general goals of human existence.

Compare this to the regime that wokeism would build. It would reject any concept of individual integrity or any particular concept of personality. There would be no intellectual freedom.

The language would be filtered by a relentless and evolving group of censors who would punish or bless our words according to ideological criteria.

Consequently, our thinking and speaking would revolve around an endless loop of testimonies of oppression – either against us or by people with whom we share tribal characteristics.

In the latter sense, we would confess our common guilt and accept any punishment that is deemed necessary.

Steve Nash, the recently appointed head coach of the New Jersey Nets, confessed that he was wrongly given the job because of his white privilege.

He wanted to work for "change," he said. Many will make similar declarations under stricter conditions or risk becoming inviolable.

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Ibram X. Kendi, author of the bestselling book How To Be Anti-Racist, claims that the point of being anti-racist is not to refrain from discrimination, but to know who to discriminate – mostly whites and Asians, if the community that is waking up is supposed to be Become reality.

Under wokeism, the function of political institutions would not be to promote the prosperity of the individual, but rather to enforce individual equality and place us all in an egalitarian stew of grievance, redistribution and retaliation.

The characteristics that define a decent community, such as forgiveness, humility, and compromise, will not be possible, and those who propose them will be accused of racism.

Wokeism's constitution for social justice would fuel a federal government built for one purpose: to undermine the freedoms that Americans have always known.

If the advancing notion of a “living constitution” casts doubt on the law, awakened constitutionalism will destroy all fixed or limited legal concepts.

How could it be otherwise when the operational principle is the elimination of all forms of oppression, measured against an endlessly moving set of ideological markers?

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Man can organize the world without adequate conceptions of virtue, justice and freedom, not to mention biblical God, but as the theologian Henri de Lubac noted, when man does so, he organizes the world against himself.

One Nation Under Woke would make that vision a reality.

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire.

Richard M. Reinsch II is editor of Law & Liberty, moderator of "Liberty Law Talk" and co-author of "A Constitution in Full". He and over 1,000 similarly concerned scientists and citizens recently made common cause in an open letter posted on RealClearPolitics. This article is part of an ongoing series entitled “Freedom and Justice for All”.

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