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Lindsey Graham virtually calls Jaime Harrison "humble" for requesting a COVID-19 take a look at previous to the talk


"Mr. Harrison is asking for special treatment," Graham replied in a statement. "South Carolinians do not appreciate Harrison putting himself above others."

In this context, “putting yourself above others” means “calling someone who is known to be in a room with several people who have tested positive for COVID-19 before spending an extended period of time with them Spends stage. " The caption, of course, is that Harrison does that while Black.

Graham claimed to be following his doctor's advice not to get tested and said he would join the debate.

Harrison's answer was short and to the point:

It's easy enough to get tested if you're a United States Senator. For some reason, Graham will not do it, will not give an example of South Carolinians being tested if they have had contact with coronavirus positive people, will not give an example of South Caroliners being tested if they & # 39; I will share the space with others for a prolonged, maskless time. For some reason.

Hmmm. It's not hard to imagine a few ways this might be the case. It's up to Graham to prove otherwise.

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