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A second time period from Trump


The 2020 presidential election is partly a referendum on the first term of President Donald Trump – like every time an incumbent runs for re-election. Whether Trump wins re-election or is ousted after four years in office, however, could help determine how sustained the impact of his administration and policies on American life is.

During his first four years in office, much of the news and attention focused on the Trump Show: the numerous scandals that have accompanied the president's tenure, his often abusive or offbeat tweets and public statements, and so on. But quieter, his administration has reshaped the government – from redesigning the Supreme Court to allowing people fleeing persecution to be granted asylum in the United States.

In the campaign, Trump didn't talk much about his second term plans and instead focused on the risks of a Biden administration. However, four more years in office would allow him to advance and consolidate the changes made since 2017 and further advance his own political priorities.

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