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Biden leads with white votes when the indicators of an unlimited democratic wave develop


Joe Biden has taken the lead with white voters, which is the strongest signal that a massive democratic wave could be building.

NPR reported on the new poll from NPR / PBS NewsHour / Marist:

The former Vice President leads Trump with 54% to 43% of the likely voters in the poll. This is the highest level of support Biden has had since the poll to test the head-to-head matchup began in February. Biden was never below 50% on the question in the Marist poll and Trump was never above 44%.

… ..

Notably, Biden leads this poll with 51% to 47% of white voters. That is extraordinary. Trump won white voters by 20 points in 2016, and no Democrat has won such a high percentage of white voters, dating back to Jimmy Carter in 1976, when the country was far less diverse.

If Biden actually wins that level with whites, it would indicate that a very large wave for Democrats is building up and down the vote.

If Biden is on top, tied, or even single-digit with Trump with white voters, the Democrats will win the election in one run.

There was less talk of the potential of a controversial election as the reality of a record-breaking early vote and a consistent approach to polls suggest a democratic victory. The evidence that the Democrats are doing fine so far is circumstantial, but it is clear.

The signs point in one direction.

Wave elections don't just happen out of nowhere.

The combination of the pandemic, economic collapse, Trump's personality and incompetent corruption, and the fact that Joe Biden was a popular and highly effective candidate together created a perfect blue wave storm.

A blue tsunami has been building for years that could bring Trump and his Republican makers out of power.

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