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"That one vote makes a distinction": George Floyd's sister encourages voting within the new Biden advert


The ad follows Biden's efforts to reach out to black communities and accompanies a day of action in honor of George Floyd organized by the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, the New York Times reported. In addition to 16 target countries, the ad is broadcast on national television as well as on digital and radio platforms.

During the 30-second emotional video, Floyd expressed the grief her family felt and the support Biden provided. She recalled a meeting that Biden had with her and her family after the brutal murder of her brother by Minneapolis police on May 25th. Biden met privately with the family in June amid mass protests against racial injustice and police brutality. "He was actually there to listen," Floyd said in the ad. "He was very sincere."

Rather than focusing on the widespread protests that followed her brother's death, Floyd made a powerful statement calling Biden "the change we need" and encouraging individuals not to be discouraged to vote. "A lot of people don't really care about voting, don't think it's important, but it's very important," Floyd said in the ad. “Your voice is important. That one voice makes a difference. "

In her interview with Good Morning America on the Wednesday after the ad was posted, Floyd said her family was "praying for justice" while awaiting trial against official Derek Chauvin. Chauvin kneeled by George Floyd's neck for more than eight minutes, which resulted in his death. According to The hillwhile Chauvin faces several criminal offenses, including Second degree murder and manslaughter. He was released conditionally on October 7th. On October 9th, he was able to settle outside the state. "It doesn't suit me well at all," said Floyd. "It's really devastating. Every time I think about this man's home with his family, waiting for the trial … if that were one of us, we wouldn't be home with our family."

Ben Crump, the family lawyer, also attended the Good Morning America interview. He added, "It shows that there are two judicial systems in America, one for Black America and one for White America. In all of my time as a lawyer, I have never seen a black person charged with murder and given permission by the court Only when whites kill blacks will we address these issues. "

When asked about her support for Biden, Floyd said, "I shared a personal message about how my family and I appreciate the condolences of [former] Vice President Biden and the support given to my brother during the memorial service. I know Biden surely the change is what we need. "

Check out the emotional display below:

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