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Dueling city halls of Biden and Trump provide decency on the one hand, and conspiracy theories on the opposite


Trump not only refused to condemn QAnon, but actually praised the baseless, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Democrats run a satanic global pedophile ring and first claimed: "I don't know about QAnon. "Then I attack Antifa and finally I say," What I hear about it is that they are very strong against pedophilia. And I agree with that. “In reality, QAnon is not just spreading a conspiracy theory, but hijacking actual efforts to combat child trafficking and hampering organizations that do the job.

As the New York Times reportsAt the moment Mr. Trump was effectively defending a fringe corner of the internet, Mr. Biden, the former Vice President, spoke on corporate tax rates, quoting Moody's business analyst, underscoring the extraordinary gap between the two candidates their worldviews, policies and connections to actual reality. "

Not only did Biden provide substantive, meaty political answers to many questions – whether you like his politics or not – he also stayed an hour after the event ended, speaking to voters to answer questions.

Trump left and his campaign immediately claimed he "defeated NBC's Savannah Guthrie in her role as Debate Officer and Joe Biden Assistant. "It is true that Guthrie did her best to offset NBC's demand to give Trump the time right across from Biden, despite refusing to debate, subjecting Trump to the unfamiliar experience of follow-up questions and refusing to allow him to over to speak to them and to dominate them. but if Trump hadn't defended conspiracy theories and lied all the time, he might have had an easier time.

Guthrie also pushed Trump further when he last had a negative test prior to his COVID-19 diagnosis – something he apparently couldn't really remember, possibly because it had taken so long – and whether he tested on the day of the initial debate had been. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, "Trump replied, which is as close to a firm no as we will ever get – surely it's an affirmation that he didn't, despite the rules of debate that are It is hoped that the Presidential Debate Commission has learned its lesson on the honor system and the Trump campaign.

As usual, Biden showed leadership in wearing masks and took the coronavirus pandemic seriously and offered ideas for safely reopening schools. Most of all, his basic decency got through, and if by some standards this isn't as entertaining as Trump, it can be "delightfully bored," as Matt Yglesias put it. He's a good guy. He knows a lot about many things and you may not agree with him, but he will talk to you about how and why instead of yelling at you. He wants to make things better for the public, the nation and the world, not profit from his own company and caress his own ego.

In contrast, I take it.

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