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New advert "Lady within the Mirror" targets Trump's weak spot in girls


The morning after President Trump taunted Savannah Guthrie "So cute" in retaliation for doing her job well, the Lincoln Project came across an ad titled "Your Daughters Are Watching".

The ad targets exactly Trump's flaw: American women and especially the suburban mothers he fooled in 2016. In an amazingly emotional ad that hits exactly what women have been feeling under this president for four years, the Republicans behind The Lincoln Project asks, "When your daughter looks in the mirror, what do you want her to see?"

Look here:

Vote for change.

Vote for them.

– The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 16, 2020

The ad asks if you want your daughter to see herself the way Trump sees women, or how former Vice President Joe Biden sees women, the man who picked a strong, independent woman for his Vice President and whose wife, by the way, put hers continued his own career during Biden's work as Senator and then as Vice President and also managed to support her husband's career and start a family with him.

In this "so sweet" moment from the dueling town halls on Thursday evening women are being treated under Trump – and this moment not only hurt Guthrie, but hurt every woman who watched him and who was at work by a legitimate incompetent who on them Wise addressed uses "less than" to strengthen oneself.

Look here:

This clip comparing Trump to a mad uncle while refusing to denounce QAnon sums up how bad his town hall went.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 16, 2020

In her memoir, 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, the most qualified candidate in modern history, described her skin crawling when then-candidate Donald Trump stood behind her during a 2016 debate, chasing her like the sexually aggressive and attacking sneak he admitted leaked Access Hollywood tape.

Trump does these things on purpose, and he deliberately uses women and scapegoats a target on their heads because he knows we live in a country that culturally follows his example too often. But as I warned during the first women's march, Donald Trump started the Me Too movement, which has turned the nation's eye on how women are sexualized at work to keep them down and, often, criminal sexual assault includes who have been turned away and minimized since women started working outside of their homes.

"Constantly bombarded by Donald Trump's degrading, misogynistic rhetoric, young girls for the past four years have seen the free world leader do no harm to his abuse of strong women. It is time to put an end to this behavior," it wrote Lincoln project in its press release sent to PoliticusUSA.

"Being a smart, strong woman is not a partisan endeavor," said Sarah Lenti, executive director of the Lincoln Project. "As a nation we have been blessed to have amazing women role models in both parties, but only one president who treats our gender is capitalized with such contempt." It is time for a president who celebrates the perspective women have to offer and who recognizes their inherent worth, skills, and place in our government. "

This ad hurts because it's so true: Our daughters are watching. They learn from their president that unless they exist to serve a man's ego and dress to seduce him, they are not part of work. They learn that their body is not theirs. They learn that the most powerful man in the world despises them just because they are girls.

Before Trump, we thought we'd come this far. Four long, agonizing years later, this election is a referendum on so many mistakes made by this government – including the relentless and consistent dehumanization of women and girls.

Our daughters see themselves through the reflection of the people who have been elevated to the highest offices. Choose wisely.

Ms. Jones is the editor-in-chief of PoliticusUSA and a member of the White House press pool.

Sarah moderates Politicus News and is co-host of Politicus Radio. Her analysis has been featured on several national radio, television news and talk shows, as well as the print media, including Stateside with David Shuster, as well as The Washington Post, The Atlantic Wire, CNN, MSNBC, The Week, The Hollywood Reporter, and others.

Sarah is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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