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Trump has tried to woo Indian-American voters, however a brand new ballot has unhealthy information for him


Trump has aggressively touted his strong relationship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is using Hindu nationalism to bolster his political standing in ways Trump would naturally appreciate. Modi met with Trump in Texas in 2019, and Trump made a zippy state visit to India last February when the coronavirus was quietly spreading in the US.

At the time of Trump's visit to India, NPR reported on Republican hopes in a story entitled, "A Group whose Political Leanings May Change: Indian Americans who are Hindus."

"As you know, most of the Indians are well educated. They are also relatively wealthy and want low taxes, and they want people to be responsible for their own lives, ”an Indian Americans for Trump leader told NPR. But even at this point, before Harris was on the ticket, a leading expert on Indo-American voting patterns disagreed.

"Not only are they immigrants, they're brown-skinned, often in minority religions and discriminated against in various ways in society," Karthick Ramakrishnan, who heads the Asian American Voters Survey at the University of California, told NPR. "Yes, people could try to cut a wedge between Indian Americans and other immigrant communities, but the reality of racial discrimination in the United States makes it more difficult."

Ramakrishnan then predicted that "there is likely to be a movement towards President Trump, but still overwhelming support for the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates as opposed to President Trump." Well done! Good prediction!

The New York Times, on the other hand, seems to think it's surprising that Biden supports 72% of Native American Americans, describing a pair of 40 Bay Area tech entrepreneurs as "An exception for their generation "because they are liberal and nowhere in their coverage of the new poll does the Times state that Native Americans, at least in the last presidential election or with the growing number of Democrats, predominantly voted for Democrats with prominent Democratic politicians Background. The Republicans have Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley, but the Democrats have Pramila Jayapal, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Ro Khanna, Ami Bera, Sara Gideon and, to go a little deeper, Kumar Barve, Vin Gopal, Aruna Miller, Kshama Sawant and Manka Dhingra . And yes, Kamala Harris.

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