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VoteVets and the Lincoln Undertaking are collaborating on one of the crucial devastating Trump movies but



While the Lincoln Project continues to fill its organizers' pockets, the PAC's silver lining is that they were very amazing in their video output. In particular, their videos are attacks on Donald Trump and his record and how awful it is. This relentless flurry of facts has given Vice President Joe Biden the opportunity to conduct a campaign that is not based on what the traditional media would likely call "negative ads." I say this with a pinch of salt because Donald Trump's entire existence is negative from start to finish and the facts are the facts.

The latest video, published in partnership with, tells the very simple story of retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and the bullying and threats he and his family received for being brave about Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani's involvement in it attempting to coerce a foreigner testified power to create the illusion of criminal inappropriateness in the records of political rival Joe Biden. The video shows Rachel Vindman, the wife of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and her family discussing their experiences at the just end of the wrath of an authoritarian and corrupt president.

Help rid our country of vengeful, anti-intellectual, anti-scientific and anti-democratic leaders this November by donating what you can.

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