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"I don't need to hear about this garbage": The New Zealand journalist goes viral for the COVID-19 interview


"Do you want another crack to answer that?" O & # 39; Brien, Newshub's political news editor, says as Jami-Lee Ross, co-chair of Advance NZ, sidesteps her opening question. She then describes him as part of a political movement that "spreads misinformation during the election campaign".

Some brief background information on politics in New Zealand: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern just had a major election victory and earned her a second term. Advance NZ, which received less than 1% of the vote, according to Ross, has reportedly misrepresented a vaccine, including claiming that the government has enacted a law requiring COVID-19 vaccinations in the country. Shortly before the election, Facebook removed two posts from the party's Facebook page, as reported by Indy 100.

When you come to COVID-19 and the associated misinformation in the interview, O & # 39; Brien says: “You knew exactly what you were doing. They have sparked fear and hysteria among vulnerable communities. "

"Not at all," he replied. Recognizing COVID-19 as a real virus, he seemed to be talking about the death rates of COVID-19 compared to other viruses like seasonal flu, and O'Brien said it would stop him right there.

"I don't want to hear about this rubbish," she said. "If you come on the show and say things that are factually wrong, I can't do that."

It's also worth noting that while some Twitter users and commentators have described this interview as hostile, rude, and aggressive if a man conducted the interview, it can be described as firm, prepared, and factual. Some comments also describe the dialogue as shouting and fighting, but both parties come across as calm and professional, even when they disagree.

This is far from the first time we've talked about the importance of media members speaking clearly and declaring injustices. A new working paper found a significant link between Trump's allegations of mail-in voting and fraud, for example, and the number of people involved because of the main issue (which is actually a hysterical obsession with Trump) media coverage. We heard that Anker was hitting the Trump administration over alleged silencing members of the coronavirus task force like Dr. Called Anthony Fauci for media interviews. That day, instead of Fauci, we heard from Eric Trump, who took the time to rant about Antifa rather than the literal global pandemic that is still raging across our nation.

Of course, the respondents also have the option of turning the script around. You may remember tennis superstar Naomi Osaka who used her international platform to raise awareness of Black Lives Matter and racial injustice by wearing face masks with the names of black Americans killed by police, including Breonna Taylor and Elijah McCain. When a journalist asked her what message she wanted to send with her masks on, she turned the question on him and said, "Well, what was the message you got?" … is more the question. I think it's about getting people to talk. "

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