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Opinion: Theocracy Alert – Trump's SCOTUS election needs faith to play an essential position in public life


ArThere are several nations all over the worlds With brutally authoritarian Governments that includes the concept of imposing religion a head role from public life. It is something is known as theocracy and the gospelKalian fanatics have come one step closer to enforcing their extRemist vision of social conservatism every aspect of all americans Everyday life.

Those theocratic Religious regimes include such as the Taliban, ISIS, Iran's Supreme Council, and Saudi Arabia’SWahhabist Sunnis. If Trump & # 39;s religious extremist nominated to define the law of the land about the next generation will be confirmed next week, Americans will know firsthand what it is like to live under a hard evangelical theocracy. What many observers refer to as America's Taliban.

It is a dreadful Prospect Republicans are very excited because they will be able to force biblically recognized Rule over americans Women and members of the LGBTQ Community under the auspices of the US federal government.

T.o say that amy coney barrettThe lack of court records is a gross understatement. The total of her experience as a lawyer is barely three years and yet Trump tipped her for a lifelong appointment the nation's highest judgment for one simple reason and it isn'tlely because she is onen Antonin Scalia conservative; it's because she is onen extremee socially conservative and mad religious real cultShe has spent her entire life being trained to believe that It is an atrocity of this religion is not a great force in the public life of every American.

Barrett claims to be Catholic; probably why she's hugging the 1968 Papal edict that any unnatural form of birth control a mortal sin. The group that Barrett joins, however, is considered "the crazy edge of the catholic faith “and more in line with rightmost Extremists in the Protestant Movement RepuBlicans are Intent to give free rein to the American people – especially women.

According to one 2017 items by Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times, Barrett's religious group, People of praise, is considered a "cult" for the most Catholics and more like freaky basic Pentecostal – “Holy rollers.Mrs. Goodstein writes::

"People of praise IIncorporates elements of Pentecostal fundamentalist Protestantism (such as speaking in tongues) and is considered a cult in mainstream Catholicism. Its practices include requiring members to swear allegiance to the group and teaching that women must be submissive to their husbands, and in the past People of Praise called their female leaders "maidservant" – which is downright daunting. if you are familiar with it, Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel "The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale.The People of Praise have a very patriarchal ideology and believe in it Women must ultimately submit to male authority.

For American women, it means whatever patriarchal Republicans have been pushing for decades will be Be imposed on the people under the authority and Supported by the conservative majority in the Supreme Court. It's almost certain why an inexperienced federal judge was tapped to sit in the high court – – to Abruptly end women's basic human right to control their own bodyies or decide when to give birth.

For example, Barrett made it clear that according to their religion and the papal edict on procreation of 1968, life begins at the moment of conception. This mindset is the death knell for women's reproductive rights.

In a dissenting opinion on why she believes that a woman cannot terminate a pregnancy because of lifelong problems, harm has been done Fetus presented, Barrett concurred with religious maniacs that that was eugenics in action.

Unfortunately, SCOTUS Associate Justice and alleged sexual abuser Clarence Thomas Barrett fully agrees and goes one step further claim these women who Using contraception is workableNazi era Eugenics.

Barrett also made it clear that she is working under the idiotic idea that being gay is a personal choice and no part of natural life. Woe to any LGBTQ person who expects protection under the US Constitution (14thth modification) Provision that all American citizensincluding women and gays, have the right to prosecute their version of Happiness in their life.

Hoanyway, thThe greatest threat Barrett poses is her undying belief that religion should play a role head role in public life as defined by the religious republicans and the religious conservatives on the Supreme Court.

The ideaa from Barrett, who joins religious A.ssociate Judge Thomas, Kavanaugh, Alito, and most likely Gorsuch is absolutey a serious threat to any concept of religious freedom Americans. Most Americans are well aware that Republicans across the country have tried or have tried proposed theocratic legislation such as compulsory school prayers, Requirements for Politicians to Pass a Christian Bible Exam to Qualify for Service in public office and unrestricted taxpayer Financing of religious education. These items are just a Selection of what Barrett and almost all evangelical extremists, believe that "religion plays an important role in public life".

It is noteworthy that a very significant majority of Americans believe religion has every religion no place in the ppolitical decisions, but This significant majority also believe that women have the right to control their own Body is not to be cut for some reason. America, however, is ruled by a minority of religious extremists with so much fealty about the separation of church and state by the US Constitution like they do the orders of the namesake of their religion.

Of all of Trump's atrocities and its republican mediators are guilty of imposing on the American people and installing adyed-in-the-Wool evangelical extremist at the nation's highest court is incomprehensible in one Nation under one worldly Constitution in a representative democracy – a dying democracy that Trump and McConnell killed to feed them vicious religious right that was promised America a Christian nation by 2020 and a promise Trump promised let it happen on his watch.

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