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Cornyn says he resisted Trump's worst strikes, however solely in secret. Sure, that is the ticket


Senator Cornyn wants the editorial staff and / or the Texan public to know that he has "disagreed" with Donald Blowhard Corruption Magnet on at least several important Republican matters over the past four years. It's just that he did it "private" for reasons. The Star Telegram reports that Cornyn told them he privately disagreed with Trump over "budget deficits and debt" holes in the federal budget to make it a sieve. He disagreed privately on Trump's bizarrely presumed and ridiculously executed trade wars, he wants you to know – trade wars that conflicted heavily with the previous conservative ideology, only to be crumpled into a bunch of YOLO when Trump did the opposite did. Cornyn Private disagreed with Trump for stealing military money for his stupid border wall – it's not clear if this was before or after Cornyn's public defense of Trump, who did just that and voted to let him do just that, hence this was a particularly private objection. He hid it so well that he even hid it from himself!

"When I have disagreements that I have, I do it privately," Cornyn told the board, calling it a "much more effective" approach, but without providing any obvious evidence that it was "effective" even once.

So the short version is: Sen. Cornyn is on the verge of possible loss of office and wants you to know that despite his defense of Trump at every turn, even when charged with criminal abuse of office, Trump did so in secret Trump has resisted at least several times and secretly has correct and non-humiliating opinions on things. Yes, everyone salutes the noble and brave John Cornyn, who has absolutely contradicted the incompetent moves and incomprehensible points of view of the authoritarian Thunderdunce, but nobly hid his disagreements instead of taking action and risking being tweeted.

Indeed, a nobler figure has never adorned public life. What a hero.

Oh – and if Donald wins, please forget he said one of those things. Parkour!

Sigh. Get used to these claims of secret Trump defiance because if Trump results in Republicans being ousted from office nationwide, you will hear many of them and they will all agree. Republicans will claim they have been "against" Trump's incompetence and crime all along. You just did it when you weren't looking. It's not that they were accessories to Trump's worst behavior and actively celebrated many of his worst acts. It's not that they've been actively working to prevent the discovery of criminal acts by Trump, whether it's the constant raising of government funds to fill his pockets or a blackmail program the Republican Senate rushed to resolve a non-issue to explain. It's not that they used their offices as lawmakers to support Trump's racist and white nationalist edicts, or their committees to promote overt disinformation on his behalf.

Heaven no. In fact, Cornyn and the others are going to insist that we've been against these things all along. We were very unhappy about that. Secretly. Behind the scenes. Please give us new jobs or hire us as experts or whatever.

This new alleged rediscovery of morals and principles will be the subject of at least six (6) completely ridiculous Republican autobiographies published over the next six months, two dozen eerily similar Republican commentaries, and an all-out interpretive dance competition held at Republican headquarters National Committees. You can count on.

If it all sounds like bullshit, congratulations: your skull hasn't been fully hollowed out in the last four years of insanity. Of course it's bullshit. As a Senator, John Cornyn allied himself with almost all of Trump's movements, including the potentially criminal, let alone the only stupid ones. There is no doubt that he had private concerns about doing some of them, but that didn't stop him. Picking the sharpest approach each time, on any subject, he is now sneaking back to his constituents with the sharpest approach to signal that his principles are now all they need right now and will change again when the moment changes. Whatever you want, voters. Just tell him the melody and he will dance to it.

Hacks and villains, most of them. There is no longer enough integrity in the Republican Party to fill a mason jar. If Cornyn saves his place – and things will get tight, but he's still a few points ahead – he'll switch the news again, either surgically tying to Trump or reinventing himself every week with the newfound principle and month temporarily required. The Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, has combined the conspiracy theorization of the Republicans in the House with a relentless effort to maintain conservative power using whatever rules are available and, if those rules are insufficient, inventing new ones. Holding power is the only ideology that remains in a party that has joyfully shed all others.

Hacks. Just top-down hacks. They no longer even have the decency to be ashamed of themselves when they pull this nonsense, "I was actually secretly against these controversial things that I supported".


Texas is the largest battlefield state. With the support of this base army, we have the resources we need to win.

John Cornyn's cowardly comments today show that we scared him. Chip in to help him pack up for good!

– MJ Hegar (@mjhegar) October 18, 2020

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