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Mr. Flip Flop is doing it once more – now Biden is apologizing for supporting a invoice he took down


2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States and senior Senator from Delaware, now claims he made mistakes to endorse part of the 1994 Crime Act.

A calculation that he helped the author.

So the mistake was when the states actually enforced the bill you signed and supported in order to legislate.

My goodness. I hope you stop making mistakes that affect people's lives so drastically.

Let me help you by not voting for you.

Before you give Joe a pass, remember that

Once again, Biden helped write the bill, so this "support thing" is far from the base. He was against knocking out bin Laden, he was for NAFTA – OK, are there any positions Biden took that were ultimately the right ones?

It seems like Biden will make it if there is a wrong choice.

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At the time, it was known that the bill would be far stricter for minorities than for whites. Many Republicans pointed out this fact at the time, but Republicans were in the minority and couldn't stop or change the bill.

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For example, minorities were convicted of crack possession far more often than cocaine. The bill stipulated much longer penalties for crack than for cocaine, even though "crack" is a derivative of cocaine.

That has imprisoned blacks and other minorities for a similar crime much longer than whites. In practice, it was much worse since cocaine possession was much more likely to result from a lesser crime than crack possession.

Well, Joe, mistakes follow a person and are not forgiven these days. Even if it is from decades or centuries, a change of heart is not forgiven.

We haven't heard you say this during your eight years as Vice President, nor has it been revised or broken down as it is now.

Why should you get a passport?


Apologizing for that bill three weeks before the election doesn't look good, but it has already shown that he's more willing to keep quiet about riots and looting of the Black Lives Matter and is ready to bring them to the table, what a code for the cave is on their claims.

In 47 years without doing anything in Washington, DC, Joe still managed to officially get it wrong.

Not a very good record, and yet the Democrats and RINOs want him to be president. However, he and his family have managed to become multimillionaires – a joke of great proportions.

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How long it takes to say that bill was Trump's fault seems to be his answer to everything else. Democrats always blame Trump for what they themselves do all the time.

Well done, a bad law was passed at the federal level, and then Biden said it was the state's fault. The stuff that comes out of a politician's mouth when he pretends to be responsible for something.

It's about the poll and losing the election!

Biden only cares what the polls and focus groups tell him to take care of. It started with the DNC and its failure to condemn the riots and looting in our major cities, which led to it slipping in the polls. A week later, he condemned the violence, which he still did not call riot or looting to try to regain the lost votes.

He recently refused to answer direct questions about the trial because voters can wait "until after the election" to find out and "don't deserve to know" only to admit now that he may be his publicity must make position before the election.

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Of course, it will only come after days of carefully weighing the polls to choose the best way to lean on. Now we have to listen to him reverse his course on the 1994 Crime Act that he instituted, co-authored, and passed, as if he had nothing to do with it and it was someone else's law.

Everyone knows that Joe is just a puppet and will bow to the will of progressives and special interests if elected. Reversing his course on trial and the 1994 Crime Act tells me he is losing this election and knows it.


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