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Abbreviated knowledgeable abstract: Trump cranks up the lies and smears within the final push


Also at CNN, Stephen Collinson analyzes Trump's bizarre new strategy, Dr. To attack Fauci:

President Donald Trumps Far from brimming with new solutions to a pandemic that killed 220,000 Americans, the final election argument turned into a campaign of insults against Monday Dr. Anthony Fauci – to tell the truth about the disease.

His personal war against Fauci on a frenzied day in the campaign, though indecent and questionable from a strategic political point of view, showed how the U.S. government's efforts to beat the pandemic were suppressed in the service of Trump's re-election.

In the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson explains how Trump has given up actually ruling or managing the pandemic:

It's hard to believe, but Trump doesn't even seem to be to attempt to slow the spread of the deadly virus that nearly killed 220,000 Americans devastated the economy and seriously affected his chances of winning a second term. With the choice only two weeks and Survey Strongly in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Trump has spent his days frantically flying around the country holding rallies that look like potential superspreader events – large, crowded gatherings where most people don't wear masks carry.

Meanwhile, the editorials are rolling in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. USA today:

If this were a choice between two capable large party candidates who happened to have conflicting ideas, we wouldn't be choosing either side. Different voters have different concerns. However, this is not a normal choice and these are not normal times. This year character, competence and credibility are on the agenda. Given Trump's refusal to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power if he loses, so is the future of American democracy.

For almost four decades, the editorial team has stood for certain core values: truth, accountability, courtesy in public discourse, resistance to racism, common solutions to the problems of the nation and unwavering support for first adjustment rights. These are not partisan problems, or at least they shouldn't be.

Rolling Stone:

We have lived for the past four years under a man who is categorically unsuitable as president. Fortunately for America, Joe Biden Donald Trump's opposite is in almost every category: The Democratic presidential candidate shows competence, compassion, persistence, integrity and restraint. Perhaps most importantly right now, Biden has a deep respect for the institutions of American democracy as well as a deep understanding of how our government – and our system of checks and balances – are supposed to work. he seeks to lead the nation as its president, not its dictator. The So the 2020 election offers the nation the opportunity to restart and rebuild the racist, authoritarian wreck of the 45th President. And there are few Americans better suited to this challenge than Joe Biden.

David Frum from the Atlantic writes about a possible presidency of Trump Lame-Duck:

His hopes for the future – starting with him not going to jail – depend on the remains of the Republican Party being turned into an ongoing Trump Defense League, like those fake anti-defamation groups that started in the 1970s by New York gangsters were reinforced. And the safest way to get there The The end is to enable the QAnon Fantasy to become a power bloc within the Republican Party. in the Trump, the original QAnon myth, was a Messiah fighting a demonic "deep state". Now he is being reinterpreted as a martyr instead – or perhaps as a Messiah waiting for a second coming. The more Trump can make wild claims during his Lame Duck presidency, the closer he can tie the conservative messaging machine to his cause during his post-presidency.

In conclusion, The Daily Beast's Scott Bixby and Hanna Trudo highlight another way Camp Biden is preparing for the election and its aftermath:

According to fundraisers who spoke to The Daily Beast, the campaign still relies heavily on the donor network and explicitly highlights the potential need to fund litigation in multiple states after the elections. The expectations of this network are high; According to a Biden Victory Fund event calendar obtained from The Daily Beast, 37 events are scheduled for the campaign from October 17-24 – an average of nearly five a day.

The basic principle? Fears, some of which persist, which President Donald Trump will make up for his public statements which means that he can refuse to accept election results If he loses, it can lead to litigation in multiple states and appeals courts – a litigation that can get very expensive very quickly.

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