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"No one desires me": Trump unintentionally stumbles into the reality in the course of the rally in Pennsylvania


During a bizarre rally in Pennsylvania Tuesday night, Donald Trump stumbled upon the truth for a moment when he realized that "nobody" really likes him.

When the president thwarted a short list of people who he said did not want him to be re-elected, he concluded by saying, “Nobody wants me. Nobody."

For a brief moment, Trump seemed to be doing something almost unknown in his MAGA rallies: tell the truth.

"What I've been through – the drug companies spend a fortune on fake ads. They don't want me. They don't want me. China doesn't want me. Iran doesn't want me. Nobody wants me. Nobody," he said.

Fact check: correct.

Of course, Trump quickly pulled away from it when his iconic crowd of supporters cheered that they actually want him, to which Trump replied, “Erie wants me. Erie wants me. "


"Nobody wants me" – Trump apparently feels insecure tonight. Must have been Lesley Stahl's Whoopin.

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 21, 2020

Trump is the president America never wanted

Donald Trump may have won an election four years ago, but the majority of Americans did not choose him as the preferred candidate to lead the country.

Since taking office, Trump has not spent a day addressing those who did not support him in 2016. It was four years in which the MAGA base was shaken with hateful rhetoric and inhuman politics.

No wonder, then, that Trump is the first president in the modern electoral term to fail to achieve a single majority stake day during his first term.

When the president briefly admitted during a rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night that "nobody wants him," he was actually telling the truth.

Donald Trump is the president America never wanted.

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