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Black Alabama man: "I don't thoughts dying to decide on." Supreme Court docket: You simply might need to


Unsurprisingly, Alabama's Republican Secretary of State John Merrill led the roadside polling charges and his black-robed fellow travelers stood up for him and Harold Porter. On the stand, Porter had said: "I don't want a vote I cast to be my last vote. "The Supreme Court just told him it might be good.

The country's supreme court is now in the affirmative of the suppression of the vote, and particularly the vote of blacks. It's lawless, out of control and anti-democratic – and it gets worse when the Senate pushes through Donald Trump's new nominee Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's vacant seat last month.

While we may not be able to sort things out for Harold Porter today, we can honor his sacrifice and struggle by helping to choose people who will fight to protect his rights and those of everyone like him. A better future is possible if we work to make it happen.

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