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Chuck Schumer suggests DNI Ratcliffe lies about Iran's assault on Trump


Chuck Schumer couldn't speak directly about the classified briefing he had received, but he could suggest that DNI Ratcliffe was lying about Iran's motivations.

Senate Democratic Chairman Schumer said to Rachel Maddow, "Well, I'm not saying what he told me in the meeting. I can tell you that after the briefing, I had a strong impression that it was more about undermining confidence in elections and not targeting a specific personality, but rather undermining the source of our democracy, the elections. That was my strong impression at the meeting. I did not have the impression that it was aimed at a political personality . And I'm surprised DNI Ratcliffe said this at this press conference when he did. "


Senator Chuck Schumer suggests the Trump administration lies about the Iran attack designed to undermine Trump.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 22, 2020

Schumer's account is supported by the Wall Street Journal reporting, "Mr. Ratcliffe said the fake emails from Iran were intended to harm Mr. Trump. Two officials familiar with the matter said the operation, which was targeted at Democratic voters, was primarily aimed at undermining public confidence in the elections. A third official said the information about the operation reflected a desire to harm Mr Trump as well as compromising electoral integrity, but the official declined to discuss details. "

Ratcliffe is a retired Republican of the House with no experience in the intelligence community. He is the same official who published Russian propaganda before the first presidential debate.

The Hunter Biden email scandal has failed, and Trump is using his political activists within the federal government to develop a groundbreaking story that changes the subject and supports his re-election campaign.

Trump will use Ratcliffe's false statement in Thursday night's debate to claim that Iran wants Biden to win.

It's the same game book as 2016 as Trump is pushing in all directions, trying to find something that will divert attention from him and his failed presidency.

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