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Maskless Trump whines about postal poll papers after casting his early vote in Florida


After Donald Trump cast his early vote at a polling station in Florida on Saturday, he found the nearest camera, tore off his mask and whined about postal ballot papers.

Trump called personal voting "a lot safer than sending in a ballot, I can tell you."

“If you send in your ballot, it could never be like that. It could never be that safe, ”he added, again complaining about mail-in votes in the middle of a pandemic.

Trump also made a point of bragging about the crowds who show up at his superspreader rallies, despite America's record-breaking COVID cases nine months after a pandemic that he was unable to handle competently.


Donald Trump tears off his mask at a Florida polling station after voting early, then finds the nearest camera to whine about the mailed voting and brag about the crowd of his superspreader rallies.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) October 24, 2020

Trump said:

(Personal voting is) a lot safer than sending in a ballot, I can tell you. Everything was perfect, very strict, exactly according to the rules. If you send in your ballot, it could never be. It could never be that safe. You did a fantastic job here, great people inside. But it's an honor to be able to vote, it's an honor to be in this great field that I know so well. And we're making three stops today, big ones. Big rallies. Three big ones. Crowds have never been – I don't think there ever was. There is an enormous mind. I heard that we're doing very well in Florida. And we do it very well, I hear, in any other place. Thank you very much and you will be very busy today because we are going to work you hard.

It should be noted that while Trump now frequently causes tantrums over Americans voting by mail, he has voted twice by mail this year alone, The Palm Peach Post reported.

Trump doesn't seem sure of his chances

Donald Trump's brief remarks after Saturday's vote seem to suggest that he is not overly confident about his chances.

After all, he used the moment to whine about postal ballot papers, insist that polls show he is doing well in Florida and across the country, and brag about his super-spreader rallies.

Winning campaigns and candidates generally don't spend that much time insisting they don't lose unless, of course, they believe they are losing.

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