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What you are able to do to assist Biden win Pennsylvania, wherever you reside


As you know, Mobilize America is your one-stop-shop for democratic campaigns across the country to recruit volunteers to vote. But because Pennsylvania is so important in this election cycle, Daily Kos has its own Pennsylvania site on Mobilize America, where we can recruit as many volunteers as possible to get involved.

Here are some Pennsylvania events you can sign up for on the page:

Victory2020 – the national Biden Harris campaign – is recruiting volunteers for send text messages to the Pennsylvania voters helping the entire Democratic ticket.

Back to Blue – the Pennsylvania Democratic Party – is hosting virtual telephone banks for volunteers out of state this weekend and Text banking slots too.

NextGen Pennsylvania – which specifically organizes young voters in Pennsylvania – is working to recruit volunteers for its election Telephone banks and Text banking.

If you are looking for volunteer activities that will have a material impact on that choice, sign up for phone and / or text banking in Pennsylvania through our Mobilize America feed.

Click here to find a voting activity to help mobilize voters in Pennsylvania.

Thanks for everything you do!

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