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Opinion: Trump's supporters are as un-American as he’s


Not a sensible one human from far believes filthy Don Trump cares an iota about America, its people or democracy The rest of the world was only respected four years ago. Trump is simply un-American.

ONEAlthough Trump embodies the word un-American, the fact that he has significant support from people who claim to be "real Americans."s ”tells a lot about their lack of commitment this countryIdeals, their fellow citizens, the US Constitution or Democracy. Trump acolytes are just the opposite of real Americans like their demigod Trump.

Neither Trump nor his base approx.I don't claim to be good Conservatives any more than I claim to be good Americans. Oh that's right typicaly historical conservative will never waver very many left-wing voters, however historical conservatives are not as intrinsic malicious or without compassion tow awayand other Americans than Trump and his aColytes.

To get a reasonable idea of ​​what a "true conservative" believesves, Consider explain the comments of a conservative dyed in the wool why he elected to the a democrat as president in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Nobody on their right Spirit would ask the conservative in good faith of the former commander of the US SpeSpecial command for the killing of Osama bin Laden. This past week retired Navy Admiral William McRaven wrote an op-ed for the conservative Wall Street Journal, which explains why he had already votedfor Joseph Biden in Texas, where early voting began this past week.

Admiral McRaven is What most Americans would describe as both "real Conservatives" and "real Americans". Actually, McRaven describes himself as "Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, smaAll government, strong defense and one nationl-anthem- standing conservative. ”

McRaven sure sounds like it a real historical conservative. B.but he laid out his other conservative believes Trump and his supporters fight arWe are so far removed from their worldview thatt they are extremist, dangerous and un-american.

After the descentAdmiral McRaven wrote his typically conservative beliefs::

"I also believe that black lives are important, that dreamers deserve a path to citizenship, that diversity and inclusion are essential to our national success, that education is the great balance, that climate change is real, and that the first amendment is the cornerstone of ours Life is democracy. Most of all, I believe America must lead the world with courage, conviction, and a sense of honor and humility. "

The retired admiral also set out how Trump was with The passionate support of its un-American base has ruined America's standing in the world. H.e wrote that is no longer under Trump America "looked for guidance. “Regarding our allies McRaven wrote:

"You've seen how we tore up our treaties, left our allies on the battlefield, and made despots and dictators comfortable. You saw our incompetence in dealing with the pandemic and forest fires. You saw how we struggled with social injustice. "

IfTrump and his base consider these comments to be extremist and un-American, as well as claim that Kind of attitude is detrimental to America. Many have strongly implies theirs readyness Take up arms support Trump's un-American policies at homee.

Admiral McR.aven stated that obanxious for America to regain its leadership position in the United States World and why a real American wouldn't supportt despicable Donald Trump. He said:

“We need a president who understands the importance of American leadership at home and abroad. We need a leader of integrity whose decency and respect reflect the values ​​we expect from our president. We need a president for all Americans, not just half of America. ”

T.It wasn't McRaven's first time attacking Trump as Seriously sick leader. In 2018 he wrote: "Trump has embarrassed us in our eyes Children, humiliated us on the world stage and shared us worst as a nation. "

He also sentenced Trumps un-American Attacks on the media they say represented "the greatest threat to our democracy in my life. ” In 2019, Admiral McRaven said America was attacked "not from the outside, but from the inside. ”

It wasn't that long ago that noAll Republicans would agree with McRaven's remarks, with strong support from their ConservativeThe supporters.

T.his screed is not about Trump card; any decent American knows that Trump is a Unmitigated disaster that has ridden America in the ground. Naturallyse Trump is a tool, but what should scare any sane American is that everyone Disasters he kept working The world and the nation are fully supported by a shockingly significant percentage of the people.

It can't be overstated the divisive nature of Trump is fully supported by a reprehensible group by so-called Americans, including his evangelical fundamentalist sect. No American should believeve that if Trump loses the election, its cruel base will go away or return to decency for not doing it. You're basically Old Testament, common God, kind of cruel and wear them their barbaric nature with Proud – Just like Trump..

The Kind of a thing People who always blindly supportEverything that Trump represents did not occur on his Intention to run for the White House. This level of Un-American Attitude and endemic hatred of “the other” have always existed and most people understand this wretched fact. But when republican hugged TrumpThe Conservatis brandm – Racism, xenophobia, fascism, and opposition to democracyRatic ideals became popular republican Move.

There was a time in this country when Admiral McRaven represented almost all conservatives – they love the 2nd Modification, small government, big business, strong defense, tax responsibility and had at least a minimum of compassion for other Americans.

After Trump seized the Republican movement, everything changeded when he encouraged a wild cult of hatred The drove him to a place where he would never achieve in the a civil society.

Sad, because it's scary Cult of Hate driven Un-Americans support each other above the most un-American person to ever hold an elected officethe entire Republican Conservative movement is in danger Unamerican. The result is that IInstead of laughing at Americans Trump's newest failed Reality show, You are sagging jaws and amazed how their nation is drove straight to hell for a generation. However, Trump's supporters cheer for America's decline.

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