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The Q motion is a pro-pedophile, pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic, Nazi-related Trumpian cult


The most plausible explanation for the Q hokum, in which an anonymous alleged member of the Deep State drools allegations against someone who is considered an enemy of Donald Trump in comically executed pseudo-puzzles, remains the obvious one: it is the work of Chan Stiltrolle, part of the great The tradition of this internet corner of making gaudy, improbable jokes that should only be spread for the purpose of seeing who they can attract. It might turn out to be the first domestic terrorist group created for funsies – although by this point those associated with the movement have focused their claims and goals sufficiently that it becomes clear that it is indeed the current one The aim is to incite incidents of terrorism in the real world.

Like the spread of European "fake news" sites in 2016 aimed at generating traffic by inventing political joke stories, Q conspiracies have been tailored to US conservative tastes as American conservatives have the richest (read: most gullible) Goals are. Fox News Conservatives have been fed dry but bogus information for decades, all packaged with promotional campaigns to buy gold or "survival" gear or overpriced pills sold through conservative mailing lists and relentless programs. It's an audience of lab-grown nipples, people who have been based on the most gullible and therefore profitable brands over the years.

But – and this is a big but – there's an undercurrent here that's just getting bigger … let's say blatant as breaking news events flip Q claims back and forth and sideways month after month.

The QAnon claim is that most or all of the most famous power brokers in the world, including politicians, actors, non-partisan government officials, etc., are secret ultra-pedophiles and child traffickers. But Trump ally Jeffrey Epstein's revelation as just that made no waves. Instead, the “real” human traffickers are unanimously people who oppose Donald Trump, and especially those who report on what Trump has perceived to be criminal behavior.

The QAnon allegations collapsed in Republican popularity after Donald J. Trump was charged with sexual assault by two dozen women, after boasting about sexual assault, and after a long public history, an avid pervert to be – be it the purchase of a top beauty pageant as an obvious ticket to Google naked teenagers or the mysterious and epstein-esque "Trump Modeling Company". Instead, the movement holds up Trump as the mockingly dubious "hero" who fights against the sexual predators of society. He is supposed to do so clandestinely, with good genes and near-god-like powers, and the movement remains absolutely immune to news cycles after news cycles where their own predictions turn out to be fan-fiction bunk.

It was revealed this week that Trump's ally Rudy Giuliani was secretly filmed (as part of a new Borat film, of all things) and caressed in front of a teenage female "interviewer". Without getting too far into describing this particular piece of nightmare fuel, it continues the pattern of 1) Republicans 2) Conservatives 3) Trump allies 4) power brokers who turn out to be dry, often sexually assaulting, ultra-servs. From Wynn to Epstein to Broidy to Falwell and Rudy, there is a very solid claim that the QAnon suspicion of an enormously powerful cabal of sex freaks is indeed well founded – and that they come from the tax offices of the Republican National Committee. from Mar-a-Lago or both.

However, all of these real crimes and bizarre shortcomings are dismissed by the QAnon believers. No: They believe the Real Pedophiles are "Democrats" and "Globalists" and that four years of getting the nation's best Republicans caught with their pants around the ankles is the fictional part.

So it should be apparent from this story that this is not a conspiracy base dealing with pedophilia and child trafficking, and if anything, the "movement" has sabotaged law enforcement attempts to prosecute sex traffickers by laying lines of false allegations flooded pointing to all but the real culprits.

This is a group that was born to defend, not fight, criminal acts by the powerful. It does this using the exact playbook that Trump himself uses when caught in the case of apparent tax fraud, foreign extortion or embezzlement: the projection defense. It's not me, it was this other guy. It's always been that other guy. No matter how much the evidence proves it was me, the evidence is mere conspiracy and the truth is the opposite.

When Trump's charity foundation was found to be little more than a passageway for the Trump family's personal expenses – which resulted in the family being banned from future charities – an organized effort erupted to portray Clinton's own family foundation as corrupt that had erupted from longtime conservative joke dealers. When Trump personally benefited from the presidency with the help of his sons and favorite daughter, a new joke emerged claiming that it was indeed the Biden family who did it. It is the far right answer to republican misconduct exposed. Even Benghazi !, a far-right claim that four American terrorist attack deaths were the result of something – something Hillary Clinton (it was never even end up being consistent with what that something was supposed to be) a cheap version of the investigation after that September 11th examining what the Republican-led government knew beforehand and why that information was not acted upon.

In this context, QAnon's relentless partisan far-right claim that a Republican party is visibly awash with corruption – with a number of Trump lieutenants and allies being handcuffed for everything from sex trafficking to foreign influence marketing to election crimes – "Indeed" "A group of heroes working to uncover the corruption of their enemies looks less like a coincidence than a pattern.

Isn't this just a spit-blotched version of what Fox News personalities have been selling for years? That the news as reported by your eyes and ears is false and sponsored by "elites" to deceive you, and that the real news is how brilliantly conservative figures are in spite of policies that are clearly causing ruin has, and how maliciously non-. conservative figures are in favor of opposing them? Isn't that the definition of Sean Hannity's evening show? The subject of every conservative book?

There is not much daylight between the QAnon version of reality and the tables advertised by Glenn Beck's now famous or Tucker Carlson's parade of "far-right" fascist adjoining guests. The online versions of any conspiracy are always more forceful than the versions the Fox hosts themselves provide, but they each grow from similar sources. They mostly intertwine.

Then there is the other, deeper source of the QAnon claims. Movement leaders insist not only that there is a secret global cabal of child traffickers, but that the ultimate purpose of the conspiracy led by "globalist" personalities is to harvest these children's fluids for consumption.

There is no educated person who does not recognize this theory. It's the conspiracy theory of blood libel that has been promulgated by anti-Semites for literally hundreds of years, but has become best known in Nazi Germany for a variation that comes very close to the Q version.

The QAnon claim doesn't bother to be too far removed from the 1920s and 30s versions. "Globalists" means "Jewish," as most modern neo-Nazi supporters do; Instead of "blood" from children, this time a certain connection is mentioned in almost comical pseudoscientific gibberish. The premise of a secret group of global "elites" leading the world out of the shadows is the claim of the Henry Ford-run Joke Protocols of the Elders of Zion; The ubiquitous inclusions of George Soros and "Hollywood" as suspected conspirators are taken straight out of the neo-Nazi fever dreams, anti-Semitic tropes, which were willingly accepted as staples of Republican Party's rhetoric long before Q-anything hit the scene.

So it's clear that the creators of QAnon are well versed in neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic propaganda, and are particularly keen to republish it for a modern audience. Why these messages resonate so strongly in the Republican base that Fox News is watching, and why the amalgamation of these conspiracies is inextricably linked to Trumpism, is not difficult to imagine. That it would attain true cult status if some followers were willing to commit acts of terrorism to prove conspiracies made up in someone else's mind is possibly just evidence of the ubiquitous undercurrent of good violence that will turn into a hundred years from now the American psyche has other forms.

If anything, the rise of the Q Belief as an increasingly established Republican phenomenon with its own candidates and movement codes seems to be the natural culmination of several conservative trends, all of which are lumped into one malicious, hypercynical lump:

Fox News and the conservative talk radio provided a large Republican base that was already trained to believe news that was uncomfortable for the party. This base was literally ready to deny reality in favor of pleasing fictions. A series of gullible people who are easily turned into deplorable things.

The white supremacist and white nationalist movements provided the conspiracy itself, a standard edition of the "evil global cabal that has secretly undermined world governments" that has been a staple of neo-Nazi movements in this country and in other countries.

American militia movements literally provide the ammunition: a far-right rallying of discontented people who insist that violence against illegitimate citizens is essential, glorious and close.

The Republican Party's widespread acceptance of corruption, which revolves almost entirely around Trump, has almost invariably required more outrageous conspiracy theories than official party defense.

That all of this would combine to form a kleptocratic fascism is not surprising. It is damned that his enablers never thought about the likely outcome of the combination at any point in the process.

It remains vital to see QAnon as it is, and nothing more. It is an amateur-led trolling effort based primarily on the same ambiguous nonsense used by fortune tellers but led by amateurs, marked by anti-Semitic claims and rhetoric common to neo-Nazi and "old" people -right "sub-communities are popular. It's Alex Jones as a fortune cookie or Jim Jones as a sudoku. It is a scam for the most gullible. His followers should be pitied. It's the fascist version of the hula hoop or pet rock, a hot new trend that will one day be limited to the Attic, mysterious artifacts of your parents' pop culture tremors since they disappeared.

And mocked. As racist fools incapable of distinguishing truth from fiction, despite having access to almost all of human history in front of a single wandering thumb in space, their followers should be ridiculed. There isn't enough ridicule these days of wanton, selfish, self-interested gullibility, which is why it is so prevalent. If you willingly hear Fox News presenters lying to you night after night and fretting over information to the contrary, you are a self-made fool and should be treated as such. If you believe Donald Trump, serial sex abuser, pedophile thug, the good Christian hero who secretly reveals that everyone but him is the dribbling pervert he appears to be, you are a little closer to a semi-sentient wart . You should be denounced as one of the real fools on the planet.

Congratulations to all of you willing to fall for a transparent anti-Semitic gobbledegook instead of admitting that you have been played by a skeevy lifelong cheater. You have certainly revealed yourself.

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