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Sarah Kliff opinions Biden and Trump's well being plans


There are few issues that these elections are about as much as healthcare. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden plans to pass (and Democrats largely support) a massive healthcare expansion that could result in an additional 25 million people purchasing health insurance. The Trump administration is pushing to get the Supreme Court to kill the Affordable Care Bill that would remove health insurance from at least 20 million Americans.

There is no one I'd rather have on the Ezra Klein Show to discuss these issues than Sarah Kliff. Kliff is a New York Times investigative reporter focused on health policy and my former colleague at the Washington Post and Vox, where we hosted The Weeds with Matt Yglesias. She's one of the clearest and most concise health policy analysts in the media today and a long-time friend, which made this conversation a pleasure. We are discussing:

Obamacare's legacy 10 years later
Why the fiercely contested "individual mandate" is not all that matters
What Biden's Health Plan Would Actually Do and Where It Is Not Enough
Whether a Biden government would be able to pass massive healthcare reform, and why it might still have a chance even if the filibuster stays intact
The ongoing Supreme Court case to dismantle Obamacare
Whether Donald Trump has a secret health plan to protect people with pre-existing conditions (Spoiler: he doesn't)
The hollow state of Republican health policy
The academic literature shows that health insurance is literally a matter of life and death
Which social investments would have the greatest impact on people's health (note: insurance is unlikely to expand)

And much more.

My conversation with Kliff can still be heard The Ezra Klein Show.

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Sarah Kliff's book recommendations

The Healing of America by T.R. Reid

And the Randy Shilts band

Dreamland by Sam Quinones

I want my hat back from Jon Klassen

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