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The Georgia voter says entry to the polling station was initially denied utilizing the Black Lives Matter masks


She informed the point of sale that after waiting in line at the East Roswell Library in Roswell, Georgia, she learned at the door that the mask made her unable to enter. Griffin says she was told the mask was "viewed as a campaign". Fortunately, Griffin knew her rights.

Griffin told Fox 5 that she contradicted her initial rejection, stating, “I said, can you please show me where black life or matter is on the ballot. If it's not on the ballot, it won't be considered a campaign. "She was finally admitted and allowed to vote.

So what's the deal? Similar to the Memphis case mentioned earlier, it is true that in Georgia you are not allowed to wear anything that promotes a political party or candidate on the ballot. If it's on the ballot, generally don't take it to (or too close to) polls. But as Griffin rightly points out, "In general, black matter doesn't mean I'm a Republican or a Democrat." While Trump and his administration love to make Black Lives Matter a partisan issue, it absolutely shouldn't be.

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